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Planning Your 2012 Online Marketing

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Posted by on January 18th, 2012 in Internet Marketing and Online Business and Web Industry News.

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January is the perfect time to review your online marketing plan to ensure it still matches up with your company’s sales plan for the upcoming year. What has changed in your company’s planning or marketplace since you last reviewed your online marketing plan? Reviewing the performance of your website and the competitive landscape online will inform your planning.

Do you know the top 3 metrics to measure?

For most companies, the website’s highest purpose is to bring sales leads. If it’s not performing on this task, take a look at the following top three metrics for success.

  • Total number of website visitors vs. visitors that become leads or buyers
  • Close rate of sales leads
  • Average order value

The number of metrics available for a website is daunting and trying to track all those numbers will distract you from real success. Instead, narrow your focus to metrics that will drive the business forward.

Is your website bringing more customers to your door?

By using the metrics mentioned, you can easily track the performance of your website and overall Web presence. If your metrics are trending downward, what is driving the change?

If traffic is at expected norms but interactions are down, you may want to review and update the product descriptions or offers on your website. If traffic has decreased, where are your previous visitors going? You may find you have a new competitor, visitors are finding more relevant content somewhere else online or your online market space has changed.

Are You Falling Behind?

When was the last time you reviewed your online competitors? The online marketplace changes quickly. It’s smart to complete this every 4 to 6 months or when your metrics significantly change. One way to do a competitive review is to search on your most valuable keywords and review both the search results and advertisements. You may discover new competitors or that existing competitors are gaining ground.

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