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Transforming Business: A Book Review


Twenty-five years ago this Spring, I was a freshman in college and had the fortunate experience to hear August Turak speak on campus. At the time, I had no idea what an influence he would have on the next 4 years of my life. Even though we haven’t spoken in years, his recent book, “Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks,” continues to call me to the challenge of seeking the knowledge to lead a life worth living. It’s not often that we have a chance for transformational experiences, and I wanted to share a bit of his message with you.

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Your Website and the Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed, the latest cyber security threat, has been quickly making headlines around the world since Monday. The vulnerability exposes secured website traffic, such as passwords and credit card numbers, to eavesdropping. Due to the potential impact, some security experts are recommending to stay off banking sites and other web servers that contain highly confidential information. Read on for further recommendations.

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The Evolving Roles of CIO & CMO

Earlier this month, I participated in a panel discussion on CMO & CIO Engagement for SIM Charlotte. The evening event discussed the Evolving Roles of CIO+CMO and the Digital Marketing Trends Impacting IT. Joining me on the panel were Lisa McCarthy, president of Marcom, and Jack Rech, CIO of National Gypsum. Kelly Laughton, IBM Client Executive, moderated. [...]

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