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How To Use Email Marketing To Close More Sales

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Email marketing is a core practice integral for any business. Once a lead or a customer opts in, email is a communication opportunity rife with potential that can create a new relationship or enhance an old one. When integrated with social media and blogging platforms, email becomes an invaluable tool in your marketing toolbox. Why, then, do most […]

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Why Social Media is Important for Business

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In the past several years, social media has widely evolved from individuals’ instagramming their food and tweeting every move they make in their personal lives to focusing on establishing connections and showing off their resumes in their professional lives. Businesses that have recognized the shift have realized social media is a key practice in their marketing strategies. Here are […]

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How To Integrate Online Marketing With Event Marketing


Events represent a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential, as well as existing, customers. However, just showing up, without coordinating the event with your online marketing efforts, means you’re probably missing out on a ton of opportunities. Buzzwords can often fall on dead ears due to their repeated use and abuse. But like the best clichés, […]

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