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The Latest: NewsKnowmad Technologies Leverages Open Source to Help Grow

May 1st, 2009

Trading currencies in the foreign exchange market has been available to non-institutional investors since the late 1990’s. And thanks to help from Knowmad Technologies (, is teaching more investors how to take advantage of the volatile world of foreign exchange trading.

In fact, since Knowmad and launched v2.0 in 2006, over 44,000 users have registered on the Web site. Monthly page views have increased over 4,000%. Advertising revenue has increased more than 10 fold. is a complete educational resource for teaching beginners how to trade in the foreign exchange market. In addition to offering free educational tools in their School of Pipsology, is also a community site for currency traders to discuss currency trading via the online forums.

The founders of had a vision for the future of their business, but needed expertise to help make the site more functional so that it could grow.

“We knew, that in order to support growth, we had to stop slapping together static HTML pages by hand and find a better way. We wanted to be more dynamic and more user-driven,” says Odell Ramirez, co-founder of “We also realized the benefits of Open Source, the power of user-generated content, and the opportunities of social media and wanted to incorporate these ideas into the project.”

So they turned to Knowmad Technologies, known for their expertise in Open Source solutions. Knowmad developed and implemented a solution based on Open Source software. Forums, blogs, a wiki and a single sign-on solution were used to make the Web site interactive for its users.

“The site was designed to be fun and interactive so that visitors could learn about foreign exchange trading while participating and contributing to the community,” says Diona Kidd, vice president of Knowmad Technologies. “Our role in the project has served as the fundamental foundation for the entrepreneurial growth of”
Knowmad also implemented a version control system for’s codebase, project documentation, process and release management and an automated testing system for the project. Knowmad continues to function as the Information Technology resource of choice for by providing ongoing consultation, project management and maintenance.

About is an easy-to-understand guide for teaching beginners how to trade in the foreign exchange market. Their goal is to help people help themselves make money by trading money… while cracking as many corny jokes as possible along the way. provides up-to-date information to help newbie Forex traders through structured lessons in their School of Pipsology, trading forums, and other Forex tools. More information about the FX-Men can be found at

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