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Selected WorkMallard Creek Polymers


An innovator in the polymer industry, Mallard Creek Polymers approached Knowmad to update their website as part of a project to put effective B2B online lead generation to work in meeting the company’s plans for growth. The existing website was tremendously under-utilized and attracted very few new customers.


Knowmad began this lead generation web design project by interviewing various stakeholders to clarify Mallard Creek Polymers’ myriad of challenges, strengths, technical areas of expertise and plans for growth. This required engagement from every level within Mallard Creek Polymers, including the executive team, sales and chemists. Knowmad conducted research to better understand Mallard Creek Polymers’ target audience.

Knowmad redesigned the corporate website, coordinated to create content for the new website and worked closely with Mallard Creek Polymers to build clarity around the value of the company’s products. Additionally, Knowmad continued building Mallard Creek Polymers’ web presence through strategic online marketing efforts, including conversion website design.


Mallard Creek Polymers has been able to leverage the internet to grow because its strategy effectively combines powerful components that drive the right type of prospects to its website and inspire them to respond to a clear message.

Results Summary:

  • 400%+ increase in leads in first 4 months
  • 15% of total sales revenue created from online leads
  • More than 30 new clients acquired
  • Continuous flow of sales leads each month
  • Alignment of online activity with sales & growth goals
  • Year-over-year increase in quality & quantity of online sales leads
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