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What We Do Revenue-Focused Online Marketing

What will your business look like when you align online marketing with revenues on the income statement?

The answer to this question differs for every business. However, businesses that accomplish this experience the following benefits:

  • Lower cost-per-lead
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs
  • Growth in revenues

You can gain these benefits by investing in an “online sales & marketing platform”. The performance of this platform increases over time, delivering more dollars to the bottom-line. We’ve spent the last several years fine-tuning the process of building this platform.

Knowmad creates revenue-focused marketing that matters – to you, your company, company stakeholders, employees and, most importantly, your buyers. Our unique approach enables you to build your “tribe” while creating an online sales engine that delivers dollars to revenue accounts on the income statement.

How do we do this?

First, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, from growth goals to sales performance and buyers. Then we collaboratively build a holistic plan, in as little as two to four weeks, to apply our revenue-focused marketing approach to your unique business.

Then we help you operationalize this plan over the next 12 months. Operationalizing the approach includes:

  • Developing buyer profiles and creating a more thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey from prospect to customer.
  • Content designed to support the buying process & sales team.
  • Campaigns that engage contacts,¬†converting¬†them to prospects for sales.
  • Sales intelligence that helps sales have more meaningful conversations.
  • Business processes that improve the performance of both sales & marketing.

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