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What We Do Strategic Consulting

Knowmad shares more than 10 years of online experience with clients in an easy-to-understand manner. Our extensive background in online business, Inbound Marketing consulting, creative and technical implementation creates clarity in client projects and helps businesses effectively use online channels to achieve business goals using a holistic approach.

We facilitate strategic discussions with the leadership team to clarify and communicate your message to advance your business online. With an evaluation of the performance of your website, we help improve website usability and content which increases trust, online engagement and sales results. Leveraging our industry expertise and experience, Knowmad defines a clear path for you to maximize the internet and achieve business goals.

Our Strategic Consulting service falls into two offerings, Inbound Marketing Assessment and Website Strategy.

Inbound Marketing Assessment

When a business is unsure of how to effectively plan and implement its online marketing plan, our Inbound Marketing Assessment creates the clarity needed to move forward.

Website Strategy

How can a website be more effective and useful to the overall business, sales & marketing? How can it be more compelling and valuable to customers? Can the website convert more visitors into leads or customers?

Knowmad’s Website Strategy provides an easy-to-understand analysis of the website’s performance and recommendations to optimize the performance in relation to business goals.