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Inbound Marketing Careers

We're always looking for smart, creative individuals to enhance our team of top caliber professionals. Knowmad is a growing digital marketing agency consistently recognized as an industry leader. We are passionate about helping our clients, partners and team members grow and achieve their goals. Our team works onsite in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Our History: Evolving Right Along with Our Clients

When our company was founded in 2001 by partners William McKee and Diona Kidd, the primary goal was to help companies do better business using digital. Since then, the company has evolved alongside the digital technologies that are the staple of its services. Since opening our doors as a development shop, we have undergone two significant shifts in order to expand our services to create a higher customer value proposition for our clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In 2009 we realized our customers needed improved web design services so we shifted from primarily providing custom programming services to website design. In 2011, we recognized our clients needed improved marketing and data analysis to realize better returns for their digital marketing efforts. We adjusted again, becoming the boutique digital marketing agency we are today.


Our Vision: Your Partner in the Brave, New Digital World

Digital business is transforming the world. Businesses who embrace it are market leaders, while those who don’t are facing dwindling market-share. Which will you be?

If you embrace it, then we’re probably the perfect partner for you. Since digital business touches so many parts of an organization—including marketing, sales, and operations—it requires a team of experts that understands how digital marketing fits into the bigger picture. We know that by creating powerful digital marketing and by collaborating with sales, our clients can reach their goals. In short, Knowmad exists to help our clients do better business through digital marketing.

Smart business leaders know that the buying process has changed. Buyers expect to have more control of the buying process than ever before. They expect to be able to go online to research and find solutions. To thrive in today’s market, successful businesses must know their buyers’ process, and then enable them. The mantra of a successful sales group is no longer “always be closing.” Today, it is “always be helping.” As a result, market leaders must create a powerful online presence, and allow marketing and sales to work in collaboration to satisfy the needs of their buyers.

Our Wheelhouse: Pointing You in the Right Digital Direction

Our specialty is Inbound marketing (i.e., digital direct response marketing), which allows us to design programs around a company’s sales process. For small to medium-sized businesses, we provide guidance that includes (but is not limited to) strategic digital consulting, lead generation, and revenue-focused marketing. We’re a perfect fit for companies that are growing—specifically, companies that are growing and need a digital helping hand.

While we can help most businesses with complex sales processes with their Inbound marketing needs, our client list to this point includes companies found in the manufacturing, specialty chemical, senior living/healthcare, industrial goods/services, and high-tech industries. From business development to program implementation to analyzing performance metrics, Knowmad has the expertise to be your guide for the digital marketing world.

Our Qualifications: We’ve Been Acknowledged by Our Peers

In our industry, qualifications can come from a variety of sources. While the best source will always be a satisfied client, we do have additional certifications, ratings, and awards that we’re proud of. We’ve been a HubSpot partner since 2011, and we hold a Gold Level certification with the renowned inbound marketing platform. We’ve also maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also participate in the Google Partner program, which requires a level of activity and performance that ensures client satisfaction.

Over the years, we’ve also been fortunate enough to win a handful of industry awards. Though we aren’t driven by awards—we prefer to be judged on what we accomplish for our clients—receiving recognition from your peers for your website designs and marketing campaigns is flattering, especially when those peers are Hermes, BMA, and Marcom. We have also been featured on well-known industry sites clutch.co and agencyspotter.com.