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Suburban Chicago senior living community turns to Knowmad to strengthen their digital marketing efforts

Lexington Square Chicago Senior Living Community

Let's re-do the website.

That is often one of the first reactions businesses have when inbound leads slack off. However, it is also often missing the first and most important step. Though a strong web site is essential to inbound marketing, it requires a lot more than restructuring pages and updating branding to attract internet-generated leads. In fact, a redesign is a waste of money if there is no marketing mechanism in place to funnel prospects to content that informs, engages and leads to one-to-one contact.

Sherry Kizer, senior vice president of Senior Living Services for Lexington Square, knew something big was missing from the Chicago area senior living community's inbound marketing program. She knew prospective residents and their families conducted a lot of online research before requesting direct contact from a sales representative. She also knew the sales cycle often had begun well in advance of that contact. However, fewer prospects were contacting Lexington Square, and Sherry did not know why.

Lexington Square’s inbound marketing efforts generated an average of six leads each month. That wasn’t cutting it, because maintaining high occupancy rates for senior living communities is an ongoing challenge, and Lexington Square was losing sales to its competitors. Sherry reached out to Knowmad.

Utilizing Hubspot

Our digital marketing team spent a month learning the ins and outs of Lexington Square’s business model and current marketing efforts. We quickly determined the next step was not to redesign the Lexington Square website, which had recently gone through a makeover as it was. Lexington Square’s budget would not allow both another redesign and revamping their internet marketing program.

We began to strengthen the content on the current site, which we believed would deliver a more immediate payoff. We set up buying personas within Hubspot, such as adult children of aging parents, and built funnels to appropriate content for each prospect group. To increase the site’s conversion rate, we created more helpful content geared to each audience, such as parent care and assisted living guides. Through Hubspot, Sherry could see immediately what worked and what did not.

Quick Results

The new marketing program started in early 2014. Through a mix of social media, search engine optimization and pay-per-click management services, Lexington Square quickly began to see positive results.

In the first six months:

Search traffic increased nearly 200%
Knowmad Increases Traffic
Leads increased more than 300%
Knowmad Increases Leads

Client Growth

Now, more than 50 inbounds leads come in each month, compared to an average of six leads before the new marketing program started. We saw sales-ready leads jump up 23%, too. But the real proof is in sales. Since engaging with us, Lexington Square experienced $10 million in new revenue via search traffic.

Not only did all the important numbers improve, but Sherry acquired insight she desired before. “I gained the transparency into our online marketing efforts that I needed to see where our dollars are best spent. By focusing our efforts, we have attracted more traffic to the website, ultimately resulting in leads and sales that we could tie back to specific marketing actions.”

And now it is time for the next step. Now that Lexington Square’s online marketing performance has improved, a stronger budget is in place and they financially support a rebranding effort. And, yes, that means it is time to redesign the web site.

Matthew Wheeler

Matthew Wheeler

Matt is an observer. His keen attention to detail and knack for noticing the little differences set him apart. Coupled with his ability to think laterally, this skill creates an opportunity for him to think of innovative and unique ideas designed to help clients meet their goals. At Knowmad, Matt focuses on SEO and PPC services.

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