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If you use social media at all, you know by now that Twitter has a new layout. Some professionals think it is a Facebook rip-off, but there is a reason after all why Facebook has been so successful for brands. It is visually pleasing and graphic heavy. You have to give Twitter kudos for making the layout switch such an easy one.

Some important new features are a part of the recent update to Twitter, which are important to marketers. Here's what you need to know about the recent changes.

Knowmad on TwitterYour header is huge

The hardest part is deciding how your company wants to be represented in your new enormous header image. Since your old profile header contained your bio, you didn’t have much room to show your company or brand’s personality.

With the new layout, you have 1500 X 500 pixels to show what your brand means, what it does, what it represents, or its philosophy. Here are examples of some of the best new Twitter header images. A good resource to easily create a new header is Canva, an online graphic design tool that is friendly for those of us who are not graphic designers.

By-the-way, your profile image size has changed, too. It is now 400 X 400. Typically for a business, the profile image is your logo, but you have free run on what you create for your header image, so go wild.

Put a pin in it

Just like Facebook, in Twitter’s new layout, you can pin tweets to the top of your feed. This has always worked great in Facebook to get an important message in front of followers, so why not have that option in Twitter? This is most useful for tweets about upcoming events, new announcements, new offers, tweets with images or videos. Everyone has a great tweet that had a ton of interaction. It was witty, used a great hashtag, and/or had an image that really popped. Make sure everyone sees it by pinning to the top.

The better the tweet, the bigger it gets

All of your tweets start out in the same font size. As your tweets get noticed more and grow in interaction, the font will get larger. This not only is an easy visual indicator for you to take notice of this particular tweet. It also naturally draws in your customers or potential customers’ eyes so they will take notice and see what it is all about.

Toggling views

Twitter has made it easy for people to see only what they want to see. People who are more visual are now able to see only tweets that contain images or videos quickly by clicking on the Photos/Videos tab at the top. Plus, when tweeting images, you can include more than one!

Also, it is important to notice that every tweet you’ve favorited, now shows up in one easy-for-everyone-to-see section. So, make sure you get out there and favorite more than just your own stuff!

Another new viewing feature is the ability to avoid seeing replies. If you aren’t interested in reading someone else’s conversation that resulted from a tweet, you can choose to see tweets only and not the replies. Once everyone switches over to the new Twitter layout and becomes more familiar with it, we’ll all look back and think, “I wonder why Twitter didn’t turn into Facebook sooner?”

Now that you know the new features of Twitter, you can use them in your online marketing to continue to grow your social reach.

What are your thoughts on the new features or layout? Leave a comment below.

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