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Purpose of a Website & Importance of Defining Website Goals

What purpose does your website serve and is it currently accomplishing your company’s goals? Let’s dive into the importance of having a clearly defined vision and objectives for your company’s website.

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4 Design Tips From Websites That Convert

Having a beautiful website is great, but if it doesn’t convert prospects to customers, it’s useless to your business. It’s essential that you create a website that’s both visually appealing and effective in driving sales. We’re going to walk you through 4 design tips that will help you craft a website with high conversion rates.

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5 Signs Your Manufacturing Website is Outdated

When it comes to achieving a competitive edge for your manufacturing business, you need more than the right products and attentive customer service: You also need a winning website that will convey your unique value proposition, attract new customers, and fuel your success for years to come. In the past, having a website, in general, was sufficient for attracting business, but times have changed....

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Improve SEO by Following UX Best Practices for Websites

As a growing business, you know that your website is one of the most important assets you have for connecting with your audience and driving conversions. Maybe you’ve also done a little research, looking for tips on how to boost its performance. What you’ve read has probably centered around the various aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX).

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Top 10 Digital Marketing KPIs to Track to Improve Marketing Strategies

Marketing KPIs exist to give you benchmarks of success. You can measure the effectiveness of certain campaigns, see where your strategy is lacking and devise data-driven strategies for improvement. It puts numbers to each of your efforts so you can make informed decisions moving forward. Let’s take a closer look at marketing KPIs and how you can use them to set objectives and measure success.

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Understanding Search Intent for Effective Keyword Targeting

Understand what drives users to your website to improve keyword targeting and ultimately boost your ranking.

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How to Rank for the ‘People Also Ask’ Box

If you’re working on pushing your pages higher up the SERPs, then you’ve probably looked at that “People also ask” box before. It’s got a list of questions and drop-down answers so users can easily get quick, relevant information. But it doesn’t answer your biggest question: Is this box going to steal my SERP ranking?

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What To Do When A Competitor Targets Your Branded Keyword

Imagine this scenario: you pull up your favorite search engine and type in your company name, but instead of your company being the first hit you see the name of a competitor.

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Irresistible Content for All Stages of a Sales Funnel

Want to get more high quality opportunities for your sales team?

Duh, who wouldn’t?

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How To Calculate Your Cost Per Lead… And 5 Ways to Lower It

So you just wrapped up another marketing campaign and you’re feeling pretty good. 

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