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Want to learn more about how we approach internet marketing? From our success stories to industry trends, our Knowmad blog is a valuable resource, one we hope you’ll learn from on a consistent basis.

Is Your Business Lost on the Web?

Last Fall, we reached out to local business leaders to get their input on how they are strategically using the Internet to grow. Not surprisingly, the results showed that companies that invest in their online presence are seeing valuable returns. What surprised us was the confusion between activity and expected results. Businesses are literally lost on the Web. This confusion leads to...

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3 Steps to Aligning Sales and Marketing

As an Inbound Marketing agency, we have the privilege of seeing first-hand how powerful it is to align sales and marketing.

Once you understand the power of collaboration that comes from aligning sales and marketing, the next step is creating alignment between the activities of these teams. The founders of HubSpot, a marketing automation company, like to talk about their formula for success...

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Website Maintenance – The Key to Being Relevant on the Web


Old Italian homestead

During my travels in Italy this fall, I witnessed both the beauty of this historic country as well as the impact that neglect has on its ancient structures. Indeed, a common job in the country is in the maintenance and restoration of its architecture, art and books. Likewise, in today's business world, the heart of a successful Web strategy is regular maintenance of...

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Why do you have a Website?

One of my favorite questions to ask prospective clients is why they have or want a Website. Granted, in 2010, it's de rigueur for a business to have a Website. However, building a Website just because everyone else is doing it is an unsatisfactory reason that will produce limited results at best. If you don't have the time and budget to build a serious Website, you should consider this strategy

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