How to succeed marketing your healthcare organization online

Healthcare marketing is a broad field which includes single practitioners, large practices, and hospitals. We've worked with healthcare entities like this over the years, and we understand that it can be daunting to create online content that speaks to your customers, and that meets the stringent requirements of your industry.

Though these are challenges, once you realize how many customers are asking questions about their health online, you'll understand that if you're not going to be there to help them, your competitors certainly will. To become the online health resource your customers require, we can help you devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, one that will include content marketing and marketing automation.

Inbound Marketing Blueprint for Healthcare

With Content, Find a Laser Focus

With content, sometimes you just have to pick a lane. With healthcare you can pick a lane by remaining hyper-focused on reaching the crossroads where the type of content your customers are searching for and the services you provide meet. Our strategy:

  • Develop realistic personas to speak to online.
  • Once you know your buyer, take the time to understand their buyer journey from start to finish.
  • Complete your due diligence by completing industry research and interviewing your customers.
  • Establish a comprehensive content strategy.

Remember That It Takes a Village

Crafting quality content can rarely fall on one person, or one team. It takes contributions that come from every nook and cranny of your organization. You'll probably find some in your business more willing to contribute content than others. But by leveraging the experts that work for you, you'll quickly find go-to resources—and possibly discover hidden talents, too. Keep in mind that sometimes ideas are just as valuable as the content itself. Our strategy:

  • Strategize campaigns based on buyer insights and your revenue plan.
  • Create alignment & coordination between marketing & sales efforts.
  • Convert website visitors into qualified sales leads; ones that sales agrees are acceptable.
  • Implement marketing automation to reduce manual effort, delivering the right 
  • information to the right person at the right time.

Cultivate - Then Keep - Your Ideal Audience

An audience isn't built overnight. It's nurtured, and grows with time. As your audience evolves, your content-creating capabilities will, too. How? We'll have data that allows us to see what's working and what isn't, and which channels are performing the best. Our strategy:

  • Leverage analytics to see what's resonating with your customers.
  • Circulate your content across all channels, online and off.
  • Use marketing automation to track traffic and measure channel success.

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