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Meredith McVadon

Sales and Marketing Research Associate

Meredith is inquisitive. She is excited by the infinite varieties of complex information available, and is driven by a desire to learn and generate innovative ideas. This positions her well as our Sales and Marketing Research Associate.

With a degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland College Park, she cares about the community and is well trained in skills of critical analysis and communication. As the HubSpot Success Consultant, she supports clients in aligning sales and marketing to achieve growth.

Meredith expresses her creativity through color, design, and writing-- a trifecta for her role as social media manager. She transforms ideas into action, and is committed to the growth of Knowmad and all of our clients.

In her free time, Meredith enjoys being outdoors, reading, and finding new local restaurants to try. She is passionate about the intersection between education and criminal justice reform, so she volunteers with the Petey Greene Program to tutor incarcerated students weekly.