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Sarah Wolterman

Lead Designer

Sarah Wolterman is Knowmad’s Lead Designer and specializes in blending beautiful design with conversion optimization, which means that her design work is as functional as it is beautiful.

With a Bachelor of Arts focusing in graphic design, 7 years experience, and over 40 website projects in her portfolio, Sarah is an expert in helping our clients elevate their visual presence and user experiences.

As a creative thinker, Sarah always wanted to be an artist, and she has an innate ability to look at visuals and make them better. What sets her apart from other designers in the industry is her competitive drive to be the best. “I try to be better than everyone else and I’m not afraid of pushing boundaries if I know it’s needed.”

Sarah’s work has helped Knowmad garner awards such as the Hermes Creative Award, Marcom Awards, and AVA Digital Awards.

She is also responsible for helping Knowmad’s clients feel more proud of their websites, generate more leads, and boost their revenues. To see more of how her work has helped our clients, check out these Web Design Case Studies.

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