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Sarah Wolterman

Lead Designer

Sarah is a creative. She enjoys working closely with clients and challenging them to try new, innovative, exciting things in the design realm. Sarah has a background in graphic design that over time evolved into a passion for web design. She has extensive experience working in Adobe’s creative platforms and has trained in HTML and CSS, making her a well-rounded designer.

By working as a web designer at a digital marketing agency such as Knowmad, she has gained a full understanding of the importance of optimizing keywords for SEO in all web design projects. This knowledge sets her apart from other designers. It's important to her knowing the websites she creates are not only attractive, but can be found online and not lost in the sea of the web.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling the world, being with friends, and playing with her adorable Pomeranian, Ellie.

HubSpot Certifications