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Digital Marketing Requires a Holistic Approach

You'll find more specific tactics in our services list—such as content and inbound marketing, two of our specialties—but before we ever discuss those aspects of an approach, a comprehensive marketing strategy must be put into place.

Marketing, online and off, takes a holistic approach, one where every element must work in concert to achieve optimal success. That's why your overarching marketing strategy has to be put into place from day one for every subsequent plan and campaign to be effective.


step 1

A Conversation

Most of our client relationships started as conversations. Often that's the bestway to figure out what your pain points are, and whether or not we'd be agood marketing partner for you.

Whether you're a marketing leader hoping to redesign your company's website, or a sales leader seeking to turbo charge online lead generation, simply having a chat is the best way to see if Knowmad is the right agency to helpyou achieve your business goals.

step 2

A Marketing Assessment

While you've already told us what's working and what's not, our assessment takes into account everything about your business, from how your sales and marketing teams interact to understanding your buyer's journey. With over 15 years of experience in online business, we can bring clarity to client projects and help businesses effectively use online channels to achieve business goals using our holistic approach.

In this step, we'll have strategic discussions with the leadership team, conduct an evaluation of your website's performance, and assess your current content output (along with much, much more).

step 3

Marketing Road Map

After the assessment, we're equipped with the data we need to create a customized game plan for you and your company. This game plan is what werefer to as your Inbound Marketing Roadmap. This captures what your company stands for, outlines how your company makes money, and defines who your audience members are.

Ultimately your Inbound Marketing Roadmap includes the online marketing efforts you've been using that are working, and fills in the gaps that you've been missing. This is all presented in one consolidated 12-month plan.


step 4


Having a game plan is great, but being able to implement it is far more important. Once again, our experience working with clients across a wide rangeof industries has granted us the capability to handle creative and technical implementation of your marketing strategy.

We'll work with our internal teams to make implementation as pain-free aspossible, and within the timeframe you desire. It's also important to keep inmind that from our first conversation to final implementation, we'll be working together, hand-in-hand, to bring this strategy to life.

lets have that conversation

As we mentioned, all of this starts with a simple conversation. Give us a call today.


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