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cotton manufacturer

"Knowmad created the plan, processes, and content needed for Barnhardt Natural Fibers to market online. As a result, digital marketing is creating more sales conversations and opportunities than ever before."
George Hargrove, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Barnhardt natural fibers

The Challenge

Inbound Marketing for Purified Cotton Manufacturer

With business operations spanning more than one hundred years, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company certainly knows cotton fiber, and knows it well. The company procures raw cotton and sells it to national brands and manufacturers that turn the cotton into products for consumer use.

Established in 1900, the company had never created a website or digital marketing plan dedicated to reaching their bulk buyers or the consumer market. They needed help writing and presenting the breadth of their knowledge and expertise on the web in a format that appealed to these two key audiences. The company was also faced with the challenge of rebuilding market share after a spike in raw material costs. Ultimately, Barnhardt Natural Fibers needed to educate both consumers and product developers about the benefits of cotton over alternative fibers.

Our Solution

Over a six-month process we worked with Barnhardt to understand its audiences and create valuable content. One of our first steps was to create a content marketing campaign that was designed to educate both consumers and product developers about the benefits of cotton over alternative materials. To tell Barnhardt’s story in a way that would resonate with its diverse audience, we collaborated with the product development team to create technical content, develop infographics, and add a blog and a cotton library to promote the benefits of cotton. All of this content coordinated with the launch of their new website.



Over 9x traffic growth since launch (from 2K to 20K+ visits per month)

Sales-qualified leads delivered to Sales each month

Newsletter is received by 1,000+ contacts and picked up by industry news outlets

Increased website traffic over the course of the first year working with Knowmad