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single-use spa products

“We’ve had visitors to our site in the past. The difference now is we’re able to engage our end users, distributors and potential customers in a way that nurtures a direct relationship.”
George Hargrove, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

The Challenge

Inbound Marketing for Professional Spa and Salon Supplies Manufacturer

Intrinsics is an industry leader in providing premium single-use spa and salon supplies. While many of their products are cotton-based—think cotton balls, cleansing towels, and wipes—they incorporate additional materials such as paper, polyester, or latex to create topnotch products that salon owners and estheticians use on a daily basis for skin, hair, and nail services.

While the brand had established recognition in the spa industry for high-quality products, it had struggled to increase market awareness and sales over the past several years as competition increased. Because Intrinsics products are sold primarily through distribution channels, it was difficult to identify and market to end-users. Though the brand had recently been refreshed, the website did not yet reflect the updated appearance. Ultimately, the company needed an online sales and marketing platform to support revenue growth efforts.

Our Solution

The first step was to work with Intrinsics to redesign their website and fill it with compelling content. Since online marketing was new to the client, business processes were developed for content marketing, lead management, and sales and marketing collaboration. The primary goal was to help the company realize a better return on investment from the website, which we accomplished, together, by tailoring content to target audiences and capturing more contact information. Intrinsics now has a regular communication channel for communicating with over 1,300 subscribers who are either recommending or making purchases of salon and spa products.



2.5% visit-to-contact conversion rate

50% increase in traffic and growing

Six new distributors aquired & distribution requests increased significantly

Increased website traffic over the course of the first months working with Knowmad