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higher traffic,  more leads

“I gained the transparency into our online marketing efforts that I needed to see where our dollars are best spent. By focusing our efforts, we have attracted more traffic to the website, ultimately resulting in leads and sales that we could tie back to specific marketing actions.”
Sherry Kizer, Senior Vice President of Senior Living Services

The Challenge

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Lexington Square is a senior living community. For 30 years they’ve provided comfortable and affordable accommodations to seniors at different life stages, offering a variety of floor plans, care options, benefits, and amenities.

To remain relevant in an increasingly competitive market and meet occupancy goals, the community needed more visibility to and more conversations with potential new residents. With more research on senior living being conducted online, Sherry Kizer, the Senior Vice President of Senior Living Services at Lexington Square, knew that more transparency through digital marketing was needed to improve results—and drive higher residency rates.

Our Solution

Since the site had recently been redesigned, we jumped headlong into content creation. The first 30 days were spent on research. Audience groups were prioritized and personas were created. Next, a content marketing campaign was created to reach seniors and their children who research senior living communities online. Like with many of our clients, Inbound Marketing best practices were applied to Lexington Square’s website and online marketing. We incorporated elements of the content marketing campaign into Lexington Square's offline marketing, too.


Within the first 6 months the following results were realized:

304% increase in leads

198% increase in organic search traffic

23% increase in sales-ready leads

Since engaging with Knowmad, Lexington Square added over 40 new residents and closed over $10M of new sales via search traffic

Increased website traffic over the course of the first year working with Knowmad