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SEO Services Helps Manufacturer Grow their Online Traffic by ~300%


Richmond SEO client logoFounded in 1895, Richmond Dental and Medical is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed manufacturer of products and supplies for dental and medical clinics, including bite blocks, cotton balls, cotton pellets, braided cotton rolls, sponges, face masks, and dispensers.

Richmond Dental Website DesignOur work together began with a website redesign. Once the design was launched, it made sense for Richmond to work with us further to grow their online presence.

Key SEO Tactics

  • Consistent blog article publication and promotion
  • Expansion of current website content
  • Long-tail keyword targeting
  • Link acquisition


Over the course of the SEO campaign, traffic has increased by ~300%. Articles that were created for the campaign generated ~26% of total page views.

SEO Campaign Outcome graph

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