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How to Rank for the ‘People Also Ask’ Box

If you’re working on pushing your pages higher up the SERPs, then you’ve probably looked at that “People also ask” box before. It’s got a list of questions and drop-down answers so users can easily get quick, relevant information. But it doesn’t answer your biggest question: Is this box going to steal my SERP ranking?

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What To Do When A Competitor Targets Your Branded Keyword

Imagine this scenario: you pull up your favorite search engine and type in your company name, but instead of your company being the first hit you see the name of a competitor.

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Topics: SEO

Irresistible Content for All Stages of a Sales Funnel

Want to get more high quality opportunities for your sales team?

Duh, who wouldn’t?

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How To Calculate Your Cost Per Lead… And 5 Ways to Lower It

So you just wrapped up another marketing campaign and you’re feeling pretty good. 

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Topics: PPC

What is Schema Markup? Here’s how it can boost your website performance.

Schema markup, sometimes referred to as schema or structured data, is among the essential SEO tactics you need to improve technical SEO performance and increase your site's search engine positioning. 

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Topics: SEO, Technical SEO

Core Web Vitals: Google's Page Experience Factors Explained

If you haven’t opened Search Console’s Core Web Vitals report recently, you should do it today. Google has confirmed that page experience signals are a ranking factor, and these signals are showing up in the Core Web Vitals report. Google made the official announcement in November 2020 and told us the page experience update will begin to roll out in May and June of 2021. 

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Topics: Web Analytics

Four Tips To Build a Lead Generation Website

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool and the backbone of your strategy.  Well, at least it should be…

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HubSpot vs WordPress: Which Is The Better CMS?

Whether you’re selling a B2B service or marketing a product directly to consumers, your website should generate new leads and revenue for your business.

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8 Ways Sales and Marketing Work Together to Grow Your Manufacturing Brand

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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9 Tips to Optimize Page Speed & Climb Search Rankings

2 seconds or less.

That’s the number that Google set in 2018 as the magic speed number for desktop and mobile users.

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