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Creating Dependable Pipelines of Leads
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Benefits of Marketing for Distributors

An effective marketing strategy can bring several benefits to distribution companies.
  • Helps distributors increase brand awareness and establish their reputation in the industry. This can lead to improved credibility and trust among potential customers, which can translate into increased sales and revenue
  • Help distributors differentiate themselves from their competitors. By highlighting their unique value proposition, distributors can show potential customers why they should choose their products over others in the market
  • Helps distributors generate more qualified leads, as they can target their marketing efforts toward the right audience and capture the attention of those who are most likely to become customers
  • Helps distributors build stronger relationships with their existing customers by keeping them engaged and informed about new products, updates, and industry trends. This can lead to increased customer loyalty
  • Helps distributors reach new clients, expand their customer base, and grow their businesses


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Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Distribution Companies

Ways to Market to Distribution B2B Audience

Unlike manufacturers who design and create products, distributors act as intermediaries between manufacturers and end-users. As a result, they may have less insight into the production process or the unique features of each product.

This can make it challenging for distributors to effectively communicate the value of these products to potential customers. In order to mitigate this problem, manufacturers should serve as the ultimate point of contact for any information, whether promotional or simply informational, regarding the products they offer.  Marketing for distributors should communicate the value of their products through a holistic digital marketing approach which can include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click

Marketing to a distribution audience requires a personalized approach, as every company and buyer is unique. Traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective, and businesses must now rely on modern methods to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. Effective digital marketing requires a range of factors, from website design to optimized on-site content and more. To achieve real results, it's essential to work with experienced professionals who understand the distribution industry.

By providing resources that support the consumer base, you can address the needs and questions of potential buyers and offer useful content to boost sales. By focusing on relevant keywords, you can ensure that your company is easily found by the right audience.

What exactly is distribution marketing?

Distributors of industrial products often face the challenge of feeling disconnected from the products they sell, as well as finding it difficult to connect deeply with customers. They need manufacturers to provide them with clear information and guidance in order to fully get behind your products and distribute them to their networks. By working with our team of experienced marketing experts who understand the distribution industry, we can help improve your company's reputation and your relationships with distributors, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Website Design for Lead Generation

Web design that turns visitors into contacts and leads for your sales team.


Buyer Research & Brand Messaging

Get to know your buyers more deeply and craft messaging that makes them take action.


Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization

Industrial SEO positions your website where your ideal prospects are already looking.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Show up more in the right places and attract your ideal audience to your website. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

Measure and improve aspects of your website to increase the rate of prospects who convert.


Industrial Content Marketing

We'll help you create content that positions your brand as an authority and builds trust with online browsers.

In less than 90 days, we have already
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What Is
Our Process?

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Complimentary Consultation

We begin every client relationship with a complimentary consultation to gain insight into your business, objectives and requirements.


Competitor Research

Our team conducts comprehensive competitor research to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, enabling us to identify areas where your company can gain an edge.


Buyer Persona

We analyze your ideal customer and develop buyer personas to gain a deeper understanding of their company culture and individual preferences.


Marketing Strategy

Our team of specialists creates a winning strategy that equips you with all the necessary resources, guidance, and creative direction to engage with and attract ideal customers.


Optimize Website

Based on this marketing strategy, we optimize your website, content, and paid advertising efforts, making necessary adjustments to ensure success.


Adapt Strategy

We continuously gather data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, to assess the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. This crucial data is then used to refine future marketing activities and fine-tune our strategy. Continuous changes and improvements are necessary for marketing activities to be successful in the long term. 

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If you're dominating the local market and ready to expand, our search marketing services can help you get found by ideal clients in new places.


Want to maximize your capacity?

People are out there looking for exactly what you offer. As industrial marketing experts, we can put you in the line of sight of new customers.

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Why Knowmad?

Our team has been helping top-tier industrial organizations achieve their most ambitious goals since our inception in 2002. With decades of collective experience in the digital marketing industry, we have the technical expertise and creativity needed to set your company apart from the competition. No matter how complex or challenging your marketing needs may be, we are ready to rise to the occasion. 

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