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We help manufacturers and industrial companies build digital marketing systems that turn online browsers into qualified leads.
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Is your website just a brochure
or a powerful sales tool

Do you have a digital marketing strategy or are you spraying & praying?

What if a solid online marketing strategy helped you save time, close more deals, expand your market share, and more?

The way people buy has changed, and the old ways of "getting the word out" about your company may now be more difficult — you need a digital marketing system that starts sales conversations for you.

Knowmad is a B2B and industrial marketing agency that helps business leaders like you build effective online marketing systems that do more than generate traffic — we turn that traffic into high quality leads for your business.

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Turn your website traffic into
high quality leads.


Take advantage of market shifts

When the market shifts,

you'll be ready to make big



Acquire new customers.

Build an online presence
that starts sales
conversations for you.


Promote your products.

Show your ideal customers

how you can help solve

problems for them.


Boost your revenue withdirect sales.

More high quality leads
inevitably points to more

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What exactly is industrial marketing?

In short, industrial marketing is a strategy for B2B companies to generate highly targeted website traffic, convert that traffic into real, qualified leads, and then unite your sales and marketing efforts into one streamlined machine.

Website Design for Lead Generation

Web design that turns visitors into contacts and leads for your sales team.


Buyer Research & Brand Messaging

Get to know your buyers more deeply and craft messaging that makes them take action.


Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization

Industrial SEO positions your website where your ideal prospects are already looking.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Show up more in the right places and attract your ideal audience to your website. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

Measure and improve aspects of your website to increase the rate of prospects who convert.


Industrial Content Marketing

We'll help you create content that positions your brand as an authority and builds trust with online browsers.

In less than 90 days, we have already
received a lead that will ultimately generate enough profits to pay for our investment.

Edward Boss, Founder

Riteks, Inc.

Results-driven Marketing

Check out how these industrial companies
have grown with our digital marketing.

163% increase in leads for Petrochemical company

Read Case Study
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163% increase in leads for Petrochemical company

Read Case Study

Increased leads for Chemical Supplier

Read Case Study

Increased leads for Chemical Supplier

Read Case Study

polyurethane (2)

50% more sales leads for Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

Read Case Study

50% more sales leads for Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

Read Case Study

How to market
your industrial
product or

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Identify your competitors.

To stand out in a crowd, you need to know who you're up against.


Define your ideal customer & value proposition.

Who are your favorite clients? Let's get 100 more of them!


Optimize your website.

Whipping your website in tip-top shape is critical to establishing credibility and getting found by your ideal clients.


Maintain your momentum.

Utilize ongoing email and content marketing to help you maintain visibility and connection with your audience.

You can’t do it all by yourself.


Ready to expand
your market share?

Through our search marketing services, we can help you get found by more ideal customers, and get a bigger piece of  our industry pie.


Entering a new
geographical market?

If you're dominating the local market and ready to expand, our search marketing services can help you get found by ideal clients in new places.


Want to maximize your capacity?

People are out there looking for exactly what you offer. As industrial marketing experts, we can put you in the line of sight of new customers.

Who we focus on.

Manufacturing companies
We help you generate more demand for the products you are creating.
Logistics & distribution
We make it easier for industrial buyers to find you online and do business with you.
Chemical manufacturing & distributors
We make it easier for industrial buyers to find you online and do business with you.
Material handling
Get more sales appointments from manufacturers who need more efficiency.
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Let’s turn your website into a
lead generating machine


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Plan for Success

We your best interest in mind, we will create a strategy that fits your company and your needs perfectly.


Start getting real results

Deliver more qualified leads to your sales team and grow your revenue.

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You’re passionate about what you do. And the world desperately needs more of what you do.

The problem is, talking about what you do is hard because your product or service is perceived by others as, well, a bit boring.

So, how do you drum up excitement about your brand when what you do isn’t necessarily exciting?

In this guide, we’ll show you 5 different ways to market your B2B product and we’ll bring each of them to life with examples from the real world.


Who is Knowmad?

As a digital marketing agency for industrial companies, we've successfully helped organizations transform their digital presence to better leverage the opportunity represented by digital marketing over the last 10+ years. We bring a unique understanding of industrial supply chains including chemicals, building materials, fabrics, non-wovens and other industrial areas - both in regards to direct B2B sales and pull-through demand.

As a result of partnering with us, clients have realized significant gains in their online visibility, volume of sales leads, and increased their distribution and/or customer base.

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