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We help manufacturers build digital marketing systems that turn online browsers into qualified leads.
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Benefits of Marketing for Manufacturing

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing a marketing partner. Today, it seems like marketing agencies are a dime a dozen, and many offer enticing pitches. However, no organization delivers the level of content, expert guidance, and customizable solutions that Knowmad has to offer. 

Knowmad is proud to be recognized as a Top 10 Industrial Marketing Services Companies for 2023, demonstrating our expertise and high level of service for one of the toughest areas of practice— industrial manufacturing and related services. We help manufacturers grow their online presence and turn potential leads into loyal customers. Our deep understanding of your needs, preferences, and objectives benefits companies like yours in a multitude of ways, including: 

  • Increased profits
  • Optimized customer communications
  • Better understanding of your customer's needs
  • Improved ranking on search engines
  • Improved ability to compete with companies offering similar products
  • Better reputation in the industry 


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Turn your website traffic into
high quality leads.


Take advantage of market shifts

When the market shifts,

you'll be ready to make big



Acquire new customers.

Build an online presence that starts sales
conversations for you.


Promote your products.

Show your ideal customers

how you can help solve

problems for them.


Boost your revenue with direct sales.

More high quality leads inevitably points to more

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What Are the Digital Marketing Challenges for Manufacturing Companies?

Competition is Fierce

The manufacturing industry has been growing at a steady rate in recent years, making the industry more and more competitive. With the amount of competition out there, it can be incredibly difficult to communicate what makes your organization special. It’s essential to communicate your unique value. This should be done via a number of mediums, including articles, website copy, graphics, videos, and more. Each piece must convey a unified message that resonates with buyers.

Outdated Approaches to Marketing

Even today, many manufacturing companies have yet to take on a modernized approach to their marketing optimization. Many still boast outdated, aesthetically unpleasing websites that are sure to turn away potential consumers. If you want to beat out the competition, it’s imperative for your company to adopt a modern marketing strategy that works for this new world which is taking place largely online. We’re experts in helping our clients create beautiful online presences that draw in new customers like moths to a flame.

Getting on the First Page

In addition to creating a beautiful website, you must craft an effective website. It’s important to get your website on the first page of Google. Research shows that a majority of consumers will not scroll past the first page of their preferred search engine, so getting at or near the top will mean everything when it comes to attracting new customers.

What exactly is manufacturing marketing?

We create manufacturing marketing strategies specifically designed for manufacturing companies to help our clients reach the first page of search engines so their products and services reach the right customers. We are your partners to help you dominate the manufacturing industry online.

Website Design for Lead Generation

Web design that turns visitors into contacts and leads for your sales team.


Buyer Research & Brand Messaging

Get to know your buyers more deeply and craft messaging that makes them take action.


Manufacturing Search Engine Optimization

Industrial SEO positions your website where your ideal prospects are already looking.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Show up more in the right places and attract your ideal audience to your website. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

Measure and improve aspects of your website to increase the rate of prospects who convert.


Industrial Content Marketing

We'll help you create content that positions your brand as an authority and builds trust with online browsers.

In less than 90 days, we have already
received a lead that will ultimately generate enough profits to pay for our investment.

Edward Boss, Founder

Riteks, Inc.

What Does Our Process Look Like?

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Free Discovery Consultation.

Here at Knowmad, we start every client relationship with a free consultation to learn more about your business, your goals, and your needs.


Identify Your Competitors.

Our team conducts in-depth competitor research to determine what competing organizations are doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and how you can get an edge on them.


Create Customer Profiles.

We conduct ideal customer analysis and create profiles to help you better understand potential buyers. 


Build a Marketing Strategy.

Our team of experts crafts a winning strategy that will ensure you have all the tools, guidance, and creative direction needed to attract, engage with, and acquire ideal customers.


Implement Marketing Strategy

We work to optimize your website, content, and paid advertising efforts, adjusting key elements as needed.


Collect Data and Adjust Accordingly.

We continuously collect data from different sources to determine the efficacy of our marketing efforts. We utilize the information gathered into fine tuning the overarching strategy.

You can’t do it all by yourself.


Ready to expand
your market share?

Through our search marketing services, we can help you get found by more ideal customers, and get a bigger piece of  our industry pie.


Entering a new
geographical market?

If you're dominating the local market and ready to expand, our search marketing services can help you get found by ideal clients in new places.


Want to maximize your capacity?

People are out there looking for exactly what you offer. As industrial marketing experts, we can put you in the line of sight of new customers.

Let’s turn your website into a
lead generating machine


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Plan for Success

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Start getting real results

Deliver more qualified leads to your sales team and grow your revenue.

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So, how do you drum up excitement about your brand when what you do isn’t necessarily exciting?

In this guide, we’ll show you 5 different ways to market your B2B product and we’ll bring each of them to life with examples from the real world.

why knowmad

Why Knowmad?

With over 20 years of experience helping our clients hit their desired marks quarter after quarter, we know how to get the job done in record time. Our digital manufacturing marketing experts are perfectly equipped to handle any of your marketing needs, whether we’re talking manufacturing SEO, manufacturing website design, brand messaging, paid media, inbound marketing, manufacturing content marketing, or something entirely different. Knowmad offers a well-rounded team of talented individuals ready to flex their skills and deliver you the results you deserve.

Over the years, we’ve helped companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations create beautiful websites, craft compelling messages, improve their metadata, develop winning inbound marketing strategies, optimize their online presence, and more. No matter your goals, we’ll make sure that all your bases are covered and then some.  

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