B2B Buyer Persona Template

Are you using buyer personas in your Inbound Marketing? If you're looking to add these to your marketing toolbox, then this template is for you. Buyer personas are powerful because they add faces and personalities to an audience, which makes marketing more meaningful for you and your readers.


Download a Digital Version of our B2B Buyer Persona Template


What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional person who is created based on the personalities, goals, and pains of real audience members. Often, but not always, they are potential customers. We use these personas when planning campaigns, writing content and anywhere else they can inform our marketing. Personas usually take the form of a 1 page document but you can get as creative or in-depth as you like with them.

A Buyer Persona Example:

Persona Name: Buyer “Barbara Smith”

Title: VP of a Very Important Department

Works Directly With: Director of Everything


Barbara Smith's Professional Goals

  • Increase profitability...
  • Improve customer retention...
  • Enhance marketing efforts through...

Barbara Smith's Responsibilities

  • Create plan to...
  • Oversee development of...
  • Implement solution to...

Barbara Smith's Challenges/Frustrations

  • Unable to meet goals due to...
  • Director of Everything wants the lowest cost solution.
  • Does not know how pain points can be resolved.

Barbara Smith's Information Sources

  • Peers
  • Trade publications
  • Online searches

Barbara Smith's Level of Tech-Savvy:

  • Uses Facebook to keep in touch with family.
  • Uses LinkedIn to stay in touch with professional contacts and scan news stories.
  • Uses mobile phone for Internet access on-the-go (traveling) and a tablet for email and non-work use at home.

Barbara Smith's Buying Process

  • Identify problem (awareness of an issue)
  • Obtain approvals from Director of Everything for purchasing solution (decision to solve)
  • Research solutions/vendors via onlineliterature (consideration of how to solve that issue)

Download a Digital Version of our Buyer Persona Template



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