B2B Buyer Persona Template


Set up a persona for every stage in your sales funnel. In B2B sales, there are often multiple decision makers involved throughout the decision making process. Create a persona for each one.

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We’ve created a sample template for each of the following roles that are common in the B2B decision making process:

- Executive/Leadership Team (Board Members, Company Owners, President/VP) -
- Director of Operations/Chief Operating Officer -

Executive/Leadership Team Persona

Company Type

Tooling solutions and products for aerospace industry

  • Increase profitability...
  • Improve customer retention...
  • Enhance marketing efforts through...


Name: Gabriel Smith

Age: 55-65

Family: Married, empty nester. Helped form the company under a different name over 25 years ago. Company was acquired, rebranded, and Gabriel is now a Board Member who signs off on all large spending decisions. .

Occupation + Role in company: Board Member

Gabriel’s typical day consists of: Part-time involvement with the company, attends quarterly planning and budget meetings. Spends remaining time traveling or at the golf course.

What Gabriel is focused on: Making sure the company is operating at full potential while protecting the company’s assets and identifying emerging opportunities to expand market share, cut costs, and reporting profits to key stakeholders. 

How Gabriel stays informed: Annual and quarterly meetings. Gabriel has access to the company CRM to monitor sales and checks in regularly with the CFO.

What a Board of Director Wants

  • To keep the organization running smoothly while maintaining or improving profitability
  • Make decisions in accordance with bylaws
  • Raise capital to expand and grow the company

Board of Director Problems/Challenges

  • “We are spending way too much money in ___________ area, but I can’t get the operations team to work on a solution to reduce the expenses.”
  • “___________ is making it really hard for us to reach our sales goals.”

Board of Directors Frustrations/Pain points

  • “I don’t think we need a committee for that initiative. We need to make an informed decision as a board and move forward.”
  • “I hate it when executives make decisions that don’t support our overall mission and vision.”

Board of Directors Hesitations

  • “What does the management team need to reach those goals, and how much will it cost?”
  • “We already have a similar tool.”
  • “Is this just another gimmick?”

Board of Directors Messaging + Success

  • How would X likely hear about your company?
    Networking events, trade shows, LinkedIn
  • How does your product/service alleviate their pains/fears/problems?...
  • How does your product/service make their life better? ...

Board of Directors Path to Purchase

  1. Identify problem (awareness of an issue).
  2. Research solutions (education).
  3. Decision (put it up for a vote or make a recommendation)

Company Type

Medical Research Facility


Name: Barbara

Age: 45-60

Family: Married. Kids are older and in high school or college. Maintaining a work/life balance has always been a challenge for Barbara and she worries that her focus on her career has caused her to miss out on family life.

Occupation + Role in company: Director of Operations

Barbara’s typical day consists of: lots of face-to-face meetings, answering tons of emails, plans and coordinates new contracts and ongoing projects

What Barbara is focused on: coordinating human and material resources for the facility within budget and delivering projects on time

How Barbara stays informed: Peers, trade publications, online searches

What a Director of Operations Wants

  • I want to deliver projects on time with minimal friction to maintain our community reputation.
  • To minimize the operating costs of the company while improving output.
  • To automate where we can, so that our systems work behind the scenes while I spend less hours in the office.
  • To meet our profitability goals this year.

Director of Operations Problems/Challenges

  • “We are spending way too much time in ___________ area, but I don’t know how to improve operations without significantly increasing costs.”
  • “A competitor has gained a significant amount of our market share by investing in a sophisticated digital marketing campaign.”

Director of Operations Frustrations/Pain points

  • “I often work more than 50 hours a week due to poor processes or shortfalls in staffing.”
  • “I want to invest in more technology to make our processes more efficient, but I’m having trouble getting buy-in from our key decision makers.”

Director of Operations Hesitations

  • “Your product/service is too expensive.”
  • “You don’t have any online reviews to support the claims that your company makes.”
  • “Is this what other companies are investing in to improve their bottom line/”

Director of Operations Messaging + Success

  • How would X likely hear about your company? Online advertisement, industry peers
  • How does your product/service alleviate their pains/fears/problems?...
  • How does your product/service make their life better? ...

Director of Operations Path to Purchase

  1. Recognize the problem (awareness of an issue).
  2. Research solutions/vendors via online literature (education).
  3. Compare top choices, bring in other decision makers (consideration)

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