the workSearch Traffic Grows by 200% for Kiosk Manufacturer Using SEO





Leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions for over 15 years. More than 150 Fortune 500 companies trust this company for digital kiosk solutions. The company provides solutions for industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail and Government.

Key Tactics

  • Optimization of existing web pages & creation of new web content
  • Long-tail keyword targeting
  • Backlink profile building
  • Consultative approach to new content creation


When we first began work with this company, we discovered that the most of their traffic (59%) was through the Direct channel, meaning most visitors just typed in the domain name. Only 22% of all traffic arrived via Organic traffic.

Sales worked hard to generate leads however they could and they had begun to depend on leads from the website to meet their goals. The risk this posed for the business is that - the less they spent on brand advertising - the less traffic, leads and sales they would generate.

This company needed to diversify their traffic to reduce risk. 

As a result, we were engaged to work consultatively with the marketing team. They needed a strategy and guidance on SEO while they developed content on a regular basis. 


In the first six months of the campaign, we were able to increase their organic traffic by ~37%, strictly by optimizing their site and adding web pages for phrases they needed to rank for but weren't. 

Interestingly, we observed Direct traffic decline as we began working on the company's SEO campaign. While this was outside of anyone's control, it emphasized the need to diversify risk for the company by building traffic from search engines.

As our work with this company has continued, Organic traffic has grown each year. During the first year, it grew by 119%. At the end of the second year, it had grown to 200%, compared to when we first started working together. While Direct is still a healthy marketing channel, this channel now only accounts for ~30% of the site traffic. 

As a result of our work together, the share of traffic attributed to Organic Search grew from 22% to +50%. Lead volume and sales have both grown as well.

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