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Century-old Manufacturer Attracts over 20K+ Visits Per Month from SEO Campaign


SEO client logoWith business operations spanning more than one hundred years, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company knows cotton fiber. The company procures raw cotton from farmers, uses a chlorine-free process to clean and purify the cotton, and then sells it to roll good manufacturers and national brands that turn the cotton into products for consumer use.

Working together, we were able to create amazing results for the Barnhardt Cotton brand.

"Knowmad created the plan, processes, and content needed for Barnhardt Natural Fibers to market online. As a result, digital marketing is creating more sales conversations and opportunities than ever before." 

~ George H, Vice


President of Sales & Marketing



Key Tactics

  • Consistent blog article publication and promotion
  • Expansion and optimization of website content for both performance and conversions
  • Promotion of industry thought leadership
  • Long-tail keyword targeting & link acquisition


  • Since our campaign began, we've seen a 10X growth in search traffic (2K to 20K+ visits per month).
  • Organic search delivers the highest amount of new contacts, far above any other channel
  • This SEO campaign delivers a significant number of sample and quote requests as it continues

BH Cotton SEO Campaign results graph

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