Engage more prospects with a clear brand message.

We help you identify your favorite customers, craft compelling messaging, and talk about your company with ease.
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We get it. Talking about what you do is hard.

Is your elevator pitch clunky and confusing?

Not sure what to say in your marketing content?

Do people give you glazed over looks when you describe what you do?

Is your product or service a bit complicated?

Let's turn your confusing pitch
into a clear marketing message that
resonates with your audience

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Brand messaging is the linchpin of your marketing.

It's so important, we include it in just about every service we provide.

When someone lands on your website, you have about 5 seconds to show them what you offer, why it matters to them, and how they can get it.

If you can't convince them of these 3 things quickly, they'll leave.

A brand message is how you communicate your product, service, and uniqueness to your target audience. So, if your messaging isn't dialed in, neither is the rest of your marketing content.

Is the message you're sharing with the world clear, compelling, and memorable? Or is it stale, confusing, and full of jargon?

Identify your ideal clients


Craft a clear brand message


Compel them to take action


Does this really make a difference?

You bet it does.

The Brand Messaging Workshop was very helpful and helped us increase our professionalism. We have better language to match up with our years of experience. We use the language provided in the Handbook in sales conversations with vendors and with customers.


Material Handling & Automation Distributor

Knowmad brought clarity to a complex story about a pressing topic in healthcare. We took a hard look at the final messaging to make sure we digested it thoroughly. But in the end, we had no comments. The Brand Message Workshop really moved our thing along. Great job!

Neal Hogan

Founder & Chairman

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How it Works


Schedule your workshop.

Tell us about your business and your challenges, and we'll get your Messaging Workshop scheduled.


Work with a strategist.

Our content strategist will conduct a private workshop with you in order to dial in your ideal audience with a compelling message that will resonate with them.


Elevate your marketing.

After the workshop, our strategist will present you with a detailed Handbook ready for you to use immediately in your sales and marketing messaging!

What your Workshop Includes


Private Workshop

Our Content Strategist will meet with you and part of your team to craft highly effective messaging.


Suggested Elevator Pitch

Captivate people with an elevator pitch that is clear and compelling.


A PDF 'Handbook'

Everything discussed in your workshop will be neatly compiled into a Handbook — easy for you to reference in your marketing and sales endeavors.


Messaging Examples

Your Handbook will include headline examples, so you can see what your new messaging looks like in real life!