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Industrial Seal Company Acquires 41 New Customers in 6 Months From Digital Marketing Campaign


“It [July] was probably the best lead generation month I’ve ever seen.”
– Scott McMillan, Executive Vice President of Wyatt Seal, Inc.

The Company

Wyatt-Seal-logoWyatt Seal, Inc. engineers, manufactures, and distributes products that control the flow of fluids through sealing technologies.

For over 50 years, they've helped customers find the right sealing solution for any application. They're proudly aligned with some of the largest seal manufacturers in the world, offering customers access to thousands of manufactured seals, gaskets, O-rings, and many other specialty items.

The Challenge

Wyatt Seal struggled to generate sales-qualified leads and track the ROI of their digital marketing efforts, even with another digital marketing agency in place. They wanted to grow the business online, but their campaigns weren't achieving their desired results. They needed more effective digital marketing.

The Solution

We started by understanding their ideal buyer and how they found and interacted with Wyatt Seal online. Then we devised a strategy to attract, nurture, and convert that buyer. The strategy included specific channels, tactics, and budget required to achieve their goals with trackable metrics to measure success and the impact on the business.

Our first step was to establish a foundation for digital marketing success, which included the following services:

Messaging Strategy & Implementation

We held a workshop to dive deeper into what the ideal buyer wants, the problems they experience, and how Wyatt Seal could be positioned as the guide to solve those problems. We crafted clear messaging that would resonate with them and compel them to action. With the strategy and messaging in place, we were poised to help improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads.

Homepage Redesign & Landing Pages

The Homepage of the website was completely reimagined to bring their messaging to life. The header section clearly communicates Wyatt Seal’s value proposition and how they help prospective customers. As a result, the page connects more powerfully with prospective customers and makes it easy to see how to work with Wyatt Seal.

New Industry pages highlight the unique problems of each industry and how Wyatt Seal helps companies in those industries find the right sealing solution.

These pages tell a more compelling story, provide a clear call-to-action to generate more traffic and qualified leads, and are optimized for search marketing.

wyatt-desk wyatt-mobile full-home industry-desktop-f mob-industry


Search Marketing

Next, our team planned and executed a search marketing campaign using both SEO and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC was used to accelerate the campaign performance, aiming for target keywords with high purchase intent.

Sales Funnel & Email Marketing

An "Engineer's Cheat Sheet" was designed as a lead generator and made available as a downloadable PDF after a visitor submits a form. This attracts potential customers who are interested but not ready to commit. Contacts who download this offer receive a series of targeted sales emails, which nurture the relationship and encourage them to connect with a seal expert for help.

Monthly email newsletters, packed with valuable content, are used to keep Wyatt Seal at the top of mind, build trust, and boost sales over time. Immediate interest in the Cheat Sheet was observed when the first newsletter was sent.



Their Success

More qualified leads

In just over six months, the campaign generated a 73% increase in website sessions, a 49% increase in qualified leads, and 41 new customers. Wyatt Seal’s new digital marketing efforts proved to be effective in generating the results they needed to grow their business online.

“It [July] was probably the best lead generation month I’ve ever seen.”


– Scott McMillan, Executive Vice President of Wyatt Seal, Inc.

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