SEO For Manufacturers

For manufacturing companies today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for business growth. It’s one area of digital marketing you can’t afford to ignore.

SEO is a critical component of your manufacturing company’s digital marketing strategy because it attracts new people to your website when they are searching for a product or solution your company offers. 

When procurement specialists, product engineers, and operations personnel search online to research new equipment or to look for the industrial products they need, they’re going to visit the manufacturing websites that are optimized for search engines and rank on the first page of search results.

Is your website one of them?

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Well-executed SEO will position your company’s website at the top.

When combined with SEM, website design, and the rest of your digital marketing strategy, SEO can help you create a dependable pipeline of quality sales leads.

The Challenge with Industrial SEO & Digital Marketing

The problem is, a lot of manufacturing companies don’t have all the factors in place for great SEO. There may be good reasons for this. From a thoughtfully designed website to optimized on-site content, there is a lot to manage. This is why working with experienced SEO experts who are familiar with the manufacturing industry is so important. We understand not only how to market in the industrial space but also how to help you prioritize the work to deliver the most business impact for the investment. 

A seasoned team with knowledge of your market, your competitors, and your business goals can combine all the elements of SEO to help you achieve serious results. More traffic. More leads. More sales.

We offer specialized SEO services for manufacturing companies based on our 15+ years experience working with companies in your industry. Our digital marketing experts combine on-site optimization, a tailored keyword strategy, website design, content creation and quality off-site link building to help you leverage the power of search engine optimization for your business.

How Manufacturing SEO Works

When potential buyers use Google or other search engines to learn more about your products, they’ll type in a related keyword and choose from one of the top results. Research shows that the first five organic results account for 67.6 percent of all clicks. The number one organic search result from Google has an average click-through rate of 31.7 percent.

And what happens if your website shows up on the second page or search results? Chances are you won’t generate any leads — less than one percent of Google searchers click any link beyond  the first page of search results.

Manufacturing SEO has the ability to improve performance for keyword potential customers use to search for your products or services.  Combining keyword research, content creation, link building, and other SEO techniques, we’ll make it easier for searchers to find your website instead of your competitors’. We know what it takes to get your website on the first page for the manufacturing keywords that your company should be ranking well for.

Our approach to website design  ensures that when prospects land on your website — thanks to your effective manufacturing SEO strategy — they’ll stay on your site, explore what you have to offer, and take action.

Tailored SEO Services for Manufacturing Companies

We offer comprehensive SEO solutions. We have specific experience with the manufacturing industry and have already helped dozens of industrial companies achieve stellar results with SEO. We've been able to help our manufacturing clients grow their site traffic by 200 percent, 300 percent, and sometimes more. After working with us, they have more leads and a huge boost to sales.

From designing a mobile-friendly website and creating web copy that search engines favor to ensuring you have the right goal tracking analytics in place to assess your digital marketing strategy, we make sure all your bases are covered. This end-to-end approach is the key to SEO success.

We’ll help you with:

Quality Content Creation. Our SEO experts will ensure you have worthwhile content that offers value to your customers. This will improve your SEO while establishing your company as an industry thought leader.

Updating your existing landing pages and services pages. We’ll go through each page to determine which pages on your site are getting the most traffic and the highest number of conversions. We’ll improve your pages using the right keywords and the latest SEO techniques to help them perform better.

Managing your keyword strategy. As manufacturing SEO specialists, we can identify which keywords your company will be likely to rank highly for and which ones are best for converting your prospects and leads into customers.

Improving your metadata. When was the last time you refreshed your website’s metadata? The reality is, for manufacturing SEO, the best keywords for your company will change over time. We’ll ensure your metadata is primed to bring more traffic to your site.

Optimizing your website design. Web design is an important part of SEO. Your site needs to be secure, fast-loading, and set up in a way that your site visitors can easily find the information they need in order to make a purchase decision.

Creating content to generate leads. Let’s face it, the manufacturing industry is increasingly competitive. We can help your company stand out with content that will solve your customers’ problems and keep them engaged.

Refining your SEO for the best results. We’ll analyze your website’s performance, tracking each page and identifying what’s working and what needs to be improved. Using a granular approach, we’ll provide you with reports so you can clearly see how effective your SEO strategy is at generating leads.

SEO for Manufacturing From a Digital Marketing Agency That Understands Your Business

Great SEO will help your company compete. It can drive lead generation and revenue growth. But, in order to maintain a strong influx of new leads, it’s important to combine SEO with other digital marketing services.

At Knowmad, we offer a complete digital marketing package for manufacturing companies. Not only do we excel at helping manufacturers reach their business goals through SEO, but we also integrate search engine optimization into a larger strategy that will yield a dependable pipeline of leads for your business.

With SEO, SEM, website design, inbound marketing, and content marketing all working together for your business goals, you’ll experience lasting results.

Are you ready to attract the right people to your site and increase your leads?

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“Knowmad got to know about our business. They asked a lot of questions about things I wasn’t thinking about, and they learned our business from our perspective and our needs.”

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Keys to Internet Marketing Success for Manufacturers & Industrial Businesses

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Industrial Firms & Manufacturers

Why use Internet Marketing for your industrial or manufacturing company? We've helped many companies like yours accomplish the following:
  • Expand your market share via search marketing
  • Maximize production capacity by capturing demand from search
  • Enter new geographic markets
  • Add revenue through direct sales 
  • Influence product developers/supply chain/end-users
  • Acquire new customers or increase pull-through demand by creating preference with product developers and/or end-users
  • Engage existing customers and stay in front of your customers, supporting relationship development
  • Take advantage of market shifts by quickly getting your message out

Our work

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Improved Website & SEO Delivers More Leads to Chemical Supplier
Improved website and user-experience (UX) delivers on promise by converting anonymous traffic into sales leads.
Search Traffic Grows by 200% for Kiosk Manufacturer Using SEO
Leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions for over 15 years. More than 150 Fortune 500 companies trust this company for digital kiosk solutions.

How Can You Market Your Manufacturing Firm Online?

Website Design for Lead Generation

Designing a website to turn visitors into new contacts and leads for your sales team is an important aspect of your digital marketing campaign. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key tactic to getting found online. It helps your business attract new prospects by positioning your lead generating website where your prospects are already looking - in search results. 

Content Marketing

Content is an essential part of your digital marketing & SEO strategy. Depending on the technical nature of your firm, you can get help developing content using in-house expertise or outsource the writing using our content marketing service. Content marketing includes promoting the content to maximize visibility and value.  

Paid Advertising

Paid online advertising - through Google and other outlets - help you get in front of a targeted audience quickly. In search, you can use it to test SEO keywords for conversions, to get to the top of search result pages fast and cover as much of page #1 as possible. In other contexts, you can use it to target demographics of your ideal audience to attract them to your website and offers. We can also use retargeting to keep your business in front of people who visit your website while they are in the consideration stage of the buying process. 

Social Media

Social media is a useful tactic to stay top-of-mind with both existing customers and prospects. 

Lead Management

When your goal is to generate sales leads using Internet Marketing, you'll need a way to manage both your sales leads and your pipeline. We offer a marketing technology (martech) platform that enables you to do just that. The lead management tools are designed to be easy for the sales team, while providing sales management the insight needed to grow revenues.

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