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search engine optimization

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Professional SEO Services for Mid-Market and Small Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t about ranking for a few select keywords. It’s about being found by the right people in the various areas of search results. This could include maps, images, videos and more.

Every day people are searching the web for products or services like yours. You want to be found in these searches. Our Search Engine Optimization expertise puts you at the right places so the right people find you online in a variety of ways. 

SEO isn’t a one and done proposition. It’s an ongoing effort. Much like PR, it’s an important way of creating visibility for your business. Our SEO strategy is tailored to the objectives of your company, whether that’s generating leads, making sales, brand awareness or a combination of all three.

An SEO Agency with Inbound Marketing Expertise

Analytics snapshot for SEO serviceOur search engine optimization services (SEO services) are complimented by our Inbound Marketing expertise. We believe in creating value. If it isn’t valuable to your audience, we don’t do it. 

We focus on growing traffic via organic search by increasing your visibility in search for relevant phrases. This often requires creating new content, revising existing content and developing links on your company’s behalf. 

Our seo expertise is complimented by our other services including inbound marketing, content marketing, PPC advertising and web design. We incorporate quality content development, audience segmentation & targeting and User Experience (UX) design into our client services. 

Our portfolio for SEO services includes mid-market businesses across many industries, from highly technical clients to consumer products. Before beginning any SEO endeavor, we start with an analysis to discover the potential of SEO as a successful channel and the competitive landscape.

Expert SEO Services 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include various approaches, chosen on a case by case basis, needed to have your website show up (rank) as high as possible on the search engine results page (SERP). SEO services include a combination of competitive research, keyword research, content creation, content promotion and link development.

Our Approach to SEO

Our approach to SEO is organized into the following areas; technical SEO, Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, Social.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO Markup Snapshot

    Technical SEO is comprised of various known approaches to the technical implementation of a website that influences search rankings. These include, but are not limited to, HTML markup, mobile optimization and schema markup.

  • Onsite SEO

    Onsite SEO relates to the quality and relevancy of site pages for terms. It includes topical authority, content quality, cross-linking of pages.

  • Offsite SEO

    Offsite SEO relates to links coming into the website from other sites. This SEO focus area includes evaluating link diversity and quality. It also includes planning and action needed to disavowing toxic links and acquire new, high-quality links to your website.

  • Social

    Social signals are an important part of SEO, which is why we include social media in our SEO methodology.

Local SEO services (LSEO services)

local-seo-services.pngIf location is important to your business, you’ll need local SEO services. Local SEO is a specialty within search marketing that influences how your business shows up in local search results.

Local search results appear when someone is searching for your business or type of business in a particular location. Local SEO requires specific tactics including the management of online reviews and citations (your business listings across the web).

We can manage and maintain your local listings for multiple locations. We can also develop citations to improve your visibility in local search. If you need local search, ask one of our SEO experts how we can help.

A Charlotte SEO Firm with International Experience

Our Charlotte-based clients appreciate that we're local because being based in their local area gives us a unique understanding of their market. Our many clients outside of Charlotte, NC enjoy how easy it is to work with us online. We work, or have worked, with companies across the United States, Europe, parts of Asia and the Middle East for over 10 years. Many of our clients are corporate executives who are often on-the-road. Our services, account management processes and communication standards are designed to support you wherever you are located or travel.

Additional Internet Marketing Services

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