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Jeff Felten

Jeff is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, so he understands how to attract the right attention to your products and services using clear and effective communication. Jeff’s futuristic thinking makes him a strong visionary; he finds and is excited by the potential for growth in every brand.

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Irresistible Content for All Stages of a Sales Funnel

Want to get more high quality opportunities for your sales team?

Duh, who wouldn’t?

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Brand Voice: How to Stop Getting Lost in a Noisy Marketplace

Much attention is given to the visual aspects of creating a brand, and rightly so.

But what’s often overlooked yet equally as important, is how your company sounds to the world.  Companies may spend a considerable amount of time determining how it looks in the world, but not much time on the words it uses, the way it communicates, and how its audience perceives the company.

In the next few...

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