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HubSpot vs WordPress: Which Is The Better CMS?

Whether you’re selling a B2B service or marketing a product directly to consumers, your website should generate new leads and revenue for your business.

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8 Ways Sales and Marketing Work Together to Grow Your Manufacturing Brand

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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9 Tips to Optimize Page Speed & Climb Search Rankings

2 seconds or less.

That’s the number that Google set in 2018 as the magic speed number for desktop and mobile users.

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Keep Your Sales Team Selling with a Call Queue in HubSpot

Nothing can happen until a sale is made. No amount of marketing, product creation, or any other business function truly matters until revenue starts coming in. Unfortunately, many business leaders often think their sales department could make the most improvement. 

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Conversational Marketing Examples

In our last post, Building Conversational Marketing Into Your Website, we shared a broader definition of conversational marketing and how it's much more than a chatbot feature. We provided a list of conversational marketing formats and styles that can integrate with website features:

  • Conversational posts, articles, and landing pages
  • Website UX/design features
  • Chatbots 
  • Messaging apps
  • Nurturing...
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Six Benefits of Implementing HubSpot During the Website Redesign Process

When it comes to technology—be it equipment or software—it's human nature to be reluctant to change. This applies to companies as much as it does to individuals. As change agents, we anticipate hesitation from our clients during a website redesign project. We understand that there are a variety of reasons for this reluctance, ranging from juggling too many initiatives at one time to the fear of...

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Launch into Sales Acceleration with HubSpot's New Sales Tools

If your sales-related job sometimes feels like a data-entry job, you’re not alone. Sales and business development professionals are often left with a pile of notes and to-do lists to process at the end of the day.

The buying process has changed. As a result, Sales is feeling the pain from having a growing number of new tools. These tools require time for training and management, taking time away...

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HubSpot's Content Optimization System: The Future of Website Design?

Yesterday at Inbound13, HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah announced a major renovation of their content management system that will have an impact on the future of website design. Based on the preview, the change in how we think about designing and building websites could be as significant as the impact that the HubSpot platform has had on Internet marketing.

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