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Corey Creed

Lost Web TrafficHow many visitors to your site actually take action? How many of them give you their email address? Conversion rates generally run about 2-5% depending on the nature of the site and the quality of the traffic. Anything over 5% is generally pretty impressive.

But is 5% good?

What about the other 95%?

Thankfully, marketers now have a tool to reach out again to that other 95%. The tool is retargeting (also called remarketing) and it works remarkably well.

The most common forms of retargeting are Google AdWords Remarketing and Retargeting on Facebook Exchange.

Here is how they work:

1. You place a piece of code on web pages you control.
2. When visitors visit your web pages, the code sets a cookie.
3. You create ad campaigns that can now target these visitors.
4. As visitors go to other websites that contain Google ads (or they visit Facebook) they now have the potential to see your ads and return to your site.

Do you see the potential now?

If a visitor came to your site, you now have the ability to target him online instead of just reaching out to random people that have never heard of you or seen your site.

This type of advertising has great potential. But it can also be complex and challenging. For example, there are many places this code can be placed besides just every page of your site. Also, when using Google Analytics, there are other ways to identify audiences that you could market to. You can also combine potential audiences, and even exclude certain audiences.

If you'd like to reach the other 95% of your traffic that did not convert, think about remarketing. Contact Knowmad today and we'll be sure to explain how we think it could work well for you.


Corey Creed

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Recapture Lost Opportunity with Retargeting

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