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William McKee

If asked, most businesses would say that converting leads into customers is among the top priority for their business. One of the biggest challenges for businesses in achieving this goal is attracting and engaging qualified leads in the first place. The internet has become increasingly crowded with businesses focused on lead generation, some of them practically nagging visitors to provide their information.

Because of this, the average internet user has not only become discriminating about who they share their information with, they’ve also developed a certain level of annoyance at having yet another lead capture form thrown in their face. While lead capture forms can do the job, there are other lead generation strategies you can employ, often producing even better results.

If lead generation is a challenge for your business, it’s time to step away from the standard lead capture form and move on to a fresher approach. Here are 5 lead capture techniques to get you started.

Opt-In Pages

Opt-in pages provide you with the opportunity to collect a lead’s information, but on their terms. Rather than a disruptive form popping up and interrupting their online experience, a visitor lands on an opt-in page as a result of their own, purposeful actions.

Opt-in pages are essentially landing pages that have been designed to encourage interest and commitment from a visitor with lead potential. Opt-in pages are an important part of web design for lead generation. Opt-in pages are linked to ads or content that sparks curiosity in your audience. By the time a potential lead reaches your opt-in page, half the work has already been done.

The most effective opt-in pages contain information and visual elements that drive home the lead’s interest in your product or service. Rather than a lengthy lead capture form, a few simple fields that are easy to fill out are all you need to nurture leads through a strategically designed opt-in page.

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Offer an Incentive

Incentives work wonderfully for lead generation. Rather than an annoying pop up form, an incentive offer gives the visitor a reason to exchange information with you. It also opens an opportunity for you to become better acquainted with the lead and as a result, nurture them in a way that is more targeted and personalized.

Incentives such as free trial periods or a specialized publication delivered to their email can help you capture lead information while establishing your ability to provide them with something of value early on in your relationship.

Social Outreach

Social media has become a shining star of digital marketing. Social media is insanely valuable for reaching a broader audience and engaging with that audience on a deeper, more personal level. One area of social media marketing that’s often underutilized is lead generation.

Social media is the perfect vehicle for delivering valuable content that establishes a connection between you and the audience. Through content, you can highlight the value of a lead offer and encourage followers to opt in. A strategy that includes social media engagement that connects to a specifically designed opt-in page is a formula for success.

Also, when a follower is engaging with you on social media, they’re already in a situation where they’re more likely to respond to lead generation tactics. They’re relaxed and have the time to explore your offer. Sometimes, with lead generation, timing can be everything and social media can help you hit the mark.

Live Chat

One of the biggest obstacles in lead generation comes from a potential lead not having enough information to make a decision. They might have questions or uncertainties that they want answered before they’re willing to take the next step. Including a live chat option in your modern web design strategy can make this easy and encourage lead prospects to take the next step.

A live chat option makes is super easy for a prospective lead to have their questions answered with nothing more than the click of a button. Live chat options also help the visitor feel in control of the situation since they can back out at any point. The person on the other end of the live chat can encourage engagement, capture information or provide a link for the visitor to opt in on their own.


Much like live chat options, chatbots can be used to establish a dialogue, offer assistance and encourage lead generation. The benefit of chatbots for web design is that they’re always on call and technology has advanced to the point that the average person can’t tell the difference between a chatbot and a live chat option.

Chatbots can be designed specifically to help you reach your lead generation goals. For instance, you can segment your option and design chatbots to approach visitors that arrive on your site through a content link of PPC ad. You can also control the chatbot’s personality and conversational flow to enhance lead generation results.

For example, say you have a piece of content or web page that has been shown to be very effective for lead generation. A chatbot can be a useful tool in directing your visitors to the high-performance lead generation elements of your website.

Improve Lead Generation with Custom Web Design Services

Lead generation strategies, and how audiences are responding to them, are always changing. To complicate matters further, what works for one business isn’t guaranteed to work for the next. What you need is a lead generation strategy that is designed for your business and your audience.

A professional web design agency knows that lead generation isn’t all about forms. It’s about nurturing the modern digital consumer to the point that they want to connect with your business. If you would like to know more about how to accomplish this for your own business, Knowmad can help. We’re a full-service digital agency that can level up your lead generation results. Contact Knowmad today to learn more.

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William McKee

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