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Your website is one of the most powerful tools your business has. It’s got to do more than look good.

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“Knowmad worked diligently with us to achieve just the right tone and voice, not only in copy, but in imagery. We feel that the site is highly representative of our company culture and the clients we serve. That was imperative in our highly-fragmented and competitive industry.”

- Julie Murphy, VP of Marketing -
Commercial Funding, Inc

What we do

We offer two ways to turn your website into a lead-generation and customer-conversion machine.

Website Conversion

If you’ve already got a solid website in place, we can work to optimize it on the back end, with more effective calls to action,more relevant content and stronger SEO performance.


Custom Web Design
& Development

If your current website isn’t cutting it, we have a talented team that can tell your story in a way that connects and converts.


How we’re different

Conducting powerful audience research.

Solidifying your brand’s messaging.

Turning browsers into buyers.

We conduct buyer research to get to know your ideal buyers & what motivates them to buy. In other words, we are planning for conversions from the start. More conversions = more leads = more revenue.

What you get

Superior user experience

Your new website will tell your brand’s story in a way that delights & engages your target audience.

More conversions

A lot more — Post-launch, our customers’ conversion rates typically increase by at least 30%.

Strong SEO game

We build websites that make algorithms happy so you can capture valuable search traffic.

Competitive analysis

It ’s just good business to study the competition.We’ll do the heavy lifting to determine how you can get ahead.

Content that resonates

We’ll create a content strategy for your business that hones in on targeted keywords and language.

Design that wows

We love form as much as we love function. Our talented designers create websites that stand out fr om the crowd.

Attracting more ideal customers.

Converting more buyers.

Making you more money.

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“Knowmad worked diligently with us to achieve just the right tone and voice, not only in copy, but in imagery. We feel that the site is highly representative of our company culture and the clients we serve. That was imperative in our highly-fragmented and competitive industry.”

- Julie Murphy, Marketing Director -
Commercial Funding Inc.

“Knowmad got to know about our business. They asked a lot of questions about things I wasn’t thinking about, and they learned our business from our perspective and our needs.”

- Edward Boss, Founder -
Riteks INC.

"I am blown away. Our website is so beautiful and far better than I could've ever dreamed up myself! We LOVE it and are so so so pleased!!"

- Pressly Williams -
Renfrow Hardware

Frequently Asked


The Website Design Process

Who is involved in the website design project? +-

You will have a team of experts at your disposal. You will have one main account manager, who will be involved in every aspect of the project. Then, at certain points within the process, our specialists (designer/developer, copywriters, SEO strategists) will become involved and you will be able to communicate directly with them.

For more information, see our article "5 Must-Haves for Professional Website Design."

How do I prepare if I'm thinking about starting a web project? +-

The thought of a website redesign project can be daunting and stressful - anyone who has had a bad website project does not want to experience another. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way! Our Website Design Project Guide sets the groundwork for you and a successful website project venture from initial planning all the way through to the exciting day of launch. 

We guide you every step of the way and make sure you are always prepped & know what to expect next. A website project should be fun and collaborative, not stressful and overwhelming.

How much does a website cost? +-

A typical website ranges anywhere from $7,000 - $30,000+ depending on the business requirements, necessary technical functionality (e.g., product catalog, online calculators, customer/vendor portal), design requirements, number of website pages, content creation, and SEO optimization.

Our service fees can be broken down into a payment plan to help you manage the costs of this capital investment.

If you do not have a Scope of Work with your business goals, objectives and technical requirements fully documented, we can help. Talk to us about a Website Planning  project which will walk you through the Discovery phase of our process to establish a clear scope and budget.

Contact us to receive a quote.

How long does a website project take? +-

Typically, a 10-15 page corporate website takes 3-4 months to complete. This allows our team time to fully understand your business, create a custom design that establishes your online identify, build out the site and provide ample time for Q&A.

Depending on the complexity of the project and your internal review processes, the timeline may vary. We will provide an estimate as part of our proposal which will be firmed up during the Discovery phase.

What kind of businesses do you work with? +-

We work with many types of businesses. Most often we design for lead generation but also design for brand communication. Our typical client has a clear marketing vision and goal for their website.

View our Website Design Portfolio to see examples.

Tell me more about your process. +-

We use an Agile Methodology with bi-weekly sprints over the course of our project engagements. You will always know where the process stands between regular delivery meetings, clear communication and our project calendar (we use Basecamp for collaboration).

See our blog about "Modern Website Design Process" to learn more.

What’s Included

What is a website strategy? +-

Every design project we undertake starts with a website strategy. Our website strategies provide an understanding of your market niche, competition, target audience, brand messaging and desired website features.

We often work with clients who are looking for a website strategy that generates leads. If that's what you want, check out our article on "Lead Generation Strategies for Your Website."

What is brand messaging? +-

Brand messaging is a key part of our design process. Our Content Strategist will conduct a messaging workshop with 1-2 of your business or subject matter experts to create a crystal clear messaging on who you’re speaking to and how to talk to them. As a result, your website and brand powerfully connect with your ideal audience.

Additionally, you will receive a Brand Messaging Handbook that can be used to get your sales, marketing and customer success team all using the same language.

Learn more in our blog "Brand Voice: How to Stop Getting Lost in a Noisy Marketplace."

Do you help with visual branding? +-

Don't have any brand styles? No problem! Our skilled designers will listen to your business goals and vision and create a brand identity that your competitors will envy and your customers will love. Have a logo but would like to tweak it? We can help there, too!

During a website project, before any design work is done, our designers create what is called a "Style tile." Style tiles are a visual reference to the design language and interface of a website. They help visualize how the user interface elements will look on the new website from fonts, color, imagery and style collections. When viewed in combination with wireframes, site-maps, and other design elements, they define that story in an accessible, client-friendly manner.

Do you host the website? +-

In short, no. We have partnerships with great hosting companies and will refer you. You will own the hosting account. Don't worry, we'll walk you through the whole process.

If you need to move, either our team or the hosting company can move your site, making the transition seamless.

Can you help me write copy for my website? +-

Absolutely! We have skilled copywriters who will become involved in the project, early-on to more intimately get to know you and your business. 

What platform do you build your websites on? +-

We use and strongly recommend HubSpot CMS for performance, support, ease of maintenance and peace of mind. We can also design & support WordPress and Shopify websites.

Wondering which CMS platform for your new website? See why we recommend HubSpot -- "HubSpot vs WordPress: Which Is The Better CMS?"

Do you optimize your websites for SEO? +-

Definitely. Our Search Engine optimization is a recommended add-on service for our website projects. If you want to be found and generates sales leads, SEO is imperative. And, incorporating it into your new website design will help to preserve your existing rankings and create faster results from a digital marketing program post-launch.

Learn more about our SEO Services.

Will I be able to update the website myself after launching? +-

Yes! We make it a priority to develop our sites so that they are easily maintainable after launch. We even include an hour of training after launch, to walk you through editing pages to ensure that you feel comfortable making the necessary edits.

How do you design for conversions? +-

Our main goal and driver for your business's new website is to position the messaging, layout, and design to get you more conversions / customers / subscribers / callers...whatever your business requires to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

To do this, we spend the first month of your project doing extensive buyer research to get to know your ideal buyers and what motivates them. We pinpoint exactly what your buyers are looking for online and what their challenges are that your business solves. We then position the entire site to lead with that challenge and your business's solution for them.

Read more in our article "Lead Generation Strategies for Your Website."