Congratulations! You’re website project is finally complete, and you’re ready to launch after countless hours of meetings, writing, and hunting down content. 

But what happens when you finally hit the launch button and... nothing? No fanfare, no influx of visitors, no buzz. It's a scenario that's all too common, especially for B2B companies. You invest all this time and resources into creating a website that perfectly encapsulates your brand, only to have one day in the spotlight before everyone moves on. 

This guide is here to ensure that doesn't happen to you. We’ll provide tips on managing your internal and external communications before, during, and after your launch day to help you keep the momentum going.

The Importance of a Well-Planned Website Launch Announcement

A well-planned website launch announcement is your ticket to maximizing the impact of your new site. It's about more than just letting people know your website is live; it’s a sales and marketing opportunity. With a little upfront planning, you can generate excitement, drive website traffic, and turn that traffic into new business. 

It’s also a chance to engage your team and rally them around a common goal or company mission. Websites are exciting, so why not do something fun with your team internally? It will not only boost the team morale, but it can also reinforce your culture.

However, like any opportunity, it’s only as good as what you make of it. So, we’ve included some ideas to get you started, and we encourage you to add your own along the way.

Announcement Ideas for Your Internal Audience


Here’s how you can build excitement within your team leading up to launch day: 

  • Tell them when you’re launching. It seems obvious, but no one likes surprises. Just giving your team a heads-up about the launch is helpful. You could also do something bigger, like creating a countdown timer and displaying it in the office or on your internal communication platforms. A visual reminder can help build anticipation and keep the launch date top of mind.
  • Offer a sneak peek of the website. This could be through sharing screenshots in Slack, sending a link to the site for your team to browse in advance, or creating a video highlighting key features, design elements, and content. Exclusive access can make your team feel involved and excited about the upcoming launch.
  • Conduct a live demo. Walking through the live site together and explaining the “why” behind the changes made helps your team understand the purpose of the redesign and get them excited about the new features and improvements.
  • Create an email campaign. Send a dedicated email or series of emails that could include feature highlights, benefits of the new site, testimonials or success stories from those who have already seen the site, or quotes from leadership. This will help you keep the launch top-of-mind and build anticipation.
  • Order customized swag. Create some swag, like t-shirts or mugs, that reflect the new website style. This is especially helpful if you’re launching a new brand with the site. Distributing these items can foster a sense of unity and pride within your team. Plus, it gives them something to wear on launch day (like, maybe at a launch event? 🤔 Spoiler alert: that’s coming up next.)

Launch Day

On launch day, it's time to celebrate. Here's how:

  • Send a launch email. Send an email to the entire internal team celebrating the official launch of the website. This can make everyone feel a part of the success and encourage them to check out the new site. You can also include instructions about how to share the announcement online (more on that below).
  • Host a launch event. This could be internal, external, in-person, or virtual — it doesn’t matter. Just do something fun to celebrate the website going live. This can be a great opportunity to promote the team and leaders that made it happen, thank everyone for their hard work, showcase the new site, and foster a sense of team spirit. (Bonus tip: create a personalized thank you note for each person involved in the project. It’s a small gesture that can make a big impact.)


After the launch, here are some ideas to help you keep the momentum going:

  • Collect feedback from your team. Set up dedicated channels or surveys to gather feedback from your team about the features and functionality of the website (e.g., Slack, Survey Monkey, Google Forms). This can help you identify any issues or areas for improvement and shows your team that their input is valued.
  • Organize training sessions. Facilitate training to familiarize employees with new features and functionalities of the website. This can help them understand how to utilize it to its full potential and enhance their day-to-day work.
  • Share feedback and results. This can include performance updates (e.g., increased traffic, increased conversions) or positive feedback about the site. Sharing these results can foster a sense of achievement and show your team the tangible results of their hard work.

Announcement Ideas for Your External Audience


Here are some ideas to start building anticipation with your external audience before you go live:

  • Create an email campaign. Send a series of emails sharing updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of what’s to come. Consider offering early access or special discounts or promotions, especially if you have an e-commerce website. This can help build a sense of anticipation and excitement among your audience.
  • Post teasers on social media. Share snippets of the new site or features to show that something exciting is coming. This can generate buzz and curiosity among your audience. You don’t have to share too much to build anticipation.

Launch Day

Here’s how to make a big splash on launch day:

  • Create a blog post. Publish a blog post on your website with more details about the project and a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Unpack the new features and benefits, and share how it fits into your company vision.
  • Send a launch email. Send an email blast to your audience announcing the launch of the new site, highlighting new features and benefits. Include a link to the site and your blog post with more information to drive traffic and encourage your audience to explore the new design.
  • Send a press release. Distribute a press release to relevant media outlets. Include compelling quotes and stats about the site. Provide a high-level overview and link to your blog post for more information. This will help you generate media coverage,  drive people to your site, and extend the reach of your announcement.
  • Share on social media. Sharing a live link to your website on social media can help increase exposure, generate buzz, and drive traffic to your site. Consider tagging others in your post, using relevant hashtags, and encouraging your team to share. This can help maximize the reach of your post.


After the launch, focus on driving engagement and conversion. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep posting on social media. Share relevant stories or content on social media and continue to highlight new features or benefits of the site. This can keep your audience engaged and encourage them to visit the site regularly.
  • Keep sending emails. Consider running a post-launch email campaign to highlight key features or benefits of the site, share customer testimonials, or offer special promotions (if applicable). This can help keep your audience engaged and drive traffic to your site long after the launch.

Pro Tips

After a decade of launching successful websites, we have gained some valuable insights. Here are some additional "pro tips" to boost your chances of success even further.

  • Keep your brand consistent across all your materials. One thing that’s often missed during a website launch is that it usually comes with a new style and messaging direction. It's important to review your sales and marketing materials, such as proposals, presentations, call scripts, email templates, business cards, and downloadable guides, to ensure they match your updated messaging and style. As your marketing partner, we are happy to assist you with any of these tasks.
  • Consider a “soft launch.” No rule says you have to announce the new website the day it goes live. We’ve found it’s helpful to allow some time in case the launch doesn’t go as planned. Planning your external announcements and celebrations for 2-3 days after launch can give you a little breathing room.


Remember, a website launch is more than just making a new site live. It's an opportunity to redefine your online presence, engage your audience, and drive your business goals. With a well-planned announcement strategy, you can ensure your website launch makes the impact it deserves. Here’s to a successful launch!

Diona Kidd

Diona Kidd

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