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our careers

Internet Marketing Careers

We're always looking for smart, creative individuals to enhance our team of top caliber professionals. Knowmad is a growing digital marketing agency consistently recognized as an industry leader.

We are passionate about helping our clients, partners and team members grow and achieve their goals. Our team works onsite in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have dedicated office space in at Advent Coworking, which affords us a rich community filled with ambitious, creative and diverse professionals from many industries. 

our values

  1. Leadership
  2. Excellence in our work
  3. Adaptability
  4. Do It

what to expect

To reinvent yourself

Knowmad isn't a company that accepts status-quo or typical office politics; we don't have time for that. We enjoy what we do and who we do it with and won't settle for less. We're a dynamic company in a dynamic industry. We continue to evolve with the industry, if not a little ahead of it. You should expect to provide the same.

We're passionate about many things including learning, growth, communications and quality relationships. As a result, we're passionate about "great service, great work and great culture". As a member of our team, you'll be challenged to grow in many ways. If you're passionate about the same, we might be a fit.

Self-development, training & coachability

We're not just talking about tactics here. Yes, you'll be expected to develop yourself as a subject matter expert in the role you're in. You're expected to read, research and test both in your regular working hours and outside of those hours. That's how we all hone our craft. 

We'll provide training as needed and as the opportunity arises. 

You'll be expected to develop relationships and communication skills as part of your work here. We provide support in this area - you need to be open to it. In other words, you need to be coachable. If you're not growing here, something is amiss. This is why you should expect to reinvent yourself.

Everyone here is client-facing and is expected to develop deep relationships and help others. If you're the guy/gal who needs a pizza shoved under the door to work because you can't relate to others, we're not a fit. 

We value our clients, team members, vendor partners, culture, communication skills and working environment. You'll be expected to develop many diverse relationships and we have a particular way of relating as a company. Internally, we have our own language that is part of our professional development program. This development program helps us be better human beings and leaders. If this is to "squishy" or "touchy feely" for you, we are not a fit.

Creativity and innovation is expected

While you'll be handling routine day-to-day activities, we also expect you to bring innovative ideas to client accounts and the company. These aren't just "crazy ideas"; these are ideas that can be readily implemented to provide "great service" to our clients and to grow the business. In other words, be creative and build a business case. Your creativity and client retention skills are rewarded via our Incentive Pay Program. We'll share the wins with you. 

Be effective and move fast

We realize the need to balance reflection with "getting stuff done". Once we're in execution mode, we move quickly. While we're in the mode of "getting stuff done", unexpected things will come up. We expect you to figure it out. This is where adaptability comes in. You have resources - both internal and external. Use them. Don't sacrifice good for perfect. For the right candidate, we know this will be a challenge.  

the environment

Advent Coworking

advent_coworking_photo.jpegAdvent Coworking, a Charlotte coworking space, provides conference rooms, event space, a podcasting studio, happy hour at Catawba Brewery as well as our dedicated office space. As they continue to grow, you'll enjoy such benefits as Yoga and a personal trainer (at your expense) and other exciting benefits. You'll also enjoy discounts at local restaurants and businesses in the Plaza Midwood area

Plaza Midwood is a growing part of Charlotte where there are many local options for lunch and other lifestyle-related choices. For instance, you may enjoy discounted lunch at Kickstand, Intermezzo or many other restaurants. You might also enjoy a yoga at 8th street studio, a Iyengar yoga studio

  • Flexible paid time off (PTO) plus designated holidays
  • 401K savings plan
  • Group health insurance plan with a personal HSA account
  • Incentive pay for approved full-time, client-facing positions
  • Ability to maintain a work/life balance while growing as a smart, experienced professional
  • Competitive pay scale with quarterly performance reviews
  • Working in a culture that supports leadership development, independent thinking, continued learning, risk taking and teamwork while delivering valuable results to other team members, executive leadership & clients
our positions

SEO & Content Specialist

The SEO & Content Specialist is an important member of the Account Services Team. This position requires a strong knowledge of content marketing for the purpposes of SEO to help drive client success. Passion and enthusiasm for content, SEO and Local Search Marketing as well as a demonstrated ability in multiple types of content creation are also necessary.

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