giving back

At Knowmad, giving back to the community is more about making a genuine contribution than it is about checking off a box. On the local level, we’ve been involved with Patriots Path, Leadership Charlotte, and Friendship Trays. From supporting veterans to cultivating leaders to assisting the less fortunate, these outstanding organizations make a true difference day in and day out in our community, and we’re proud that we’ve had the opportunity to support them.

When it comes to promoting local business and our industry, we’re involved with the Charlotte Business Exchange, the Metrolina Business Council, and the Charlotte HubSpot User Group. While these affiliations focus on the local community, we’re just as proud of what we’ve done for the global community, and our open source contributions are a testament to that.

Since 2020, we have also partnered with Crisis Assistance Ministry to raise money for their annual holiday fundraiser and continue to look for opportunities to assist members in our community.