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Jeff Felten

Content Marketing Specialist

Jeff is creative and intuitive. He seeks to understand people; who they are, what their motives are, and what perspectives they bring to the table. This innate desire to understand others naturally supports his role as a Content Marketing Specialist.

His affinity for writing took a professional marketing lens after the launch of his own company, Batch Nine Coffee Roasters. To support this business, he began creating content, writing blogs, and diving into the realm of social media. Jeff’s futuristic thinking makes him a strong visionary; he finds and is excited by the potential for growth in every brand.

His blended interest in marketing and business is fueled by his passion for creating a brand and delivering quality products that continually establish that brand. Jeff is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, so he understands how to attract the right attention to your products and services using clear and effective communication.  

Jeff’s free-lancer lifestyle allows him the flexibility to fill his free time with other things he loves, including golf, hiking, trying new foods, and traveling— especially on the West Coast.