The Power of Video

Captivating Your Audience and Getting Tangible Results

Achieve Your Goals, Tell Your Story Beautifully

Join our discussion co-hosted by Spiracle Media regarding the value of incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, connect with your customers, increase your sales, or establish your organization as a leader in your industry, video can be a powerful tool in helping you accomplish your company’s goals. 

One of the Most Powerful Tools in a Marketer’s Toolbox

Having a winning marketing mix is essential for running a successful business. From social media and articles to digital advertisements and graphics, all of your marketing materials must work together to communicate your company’s value proposition. Each component must align with and further your brand. 

When words and stand-alone graphics aren’t enough to spread your message, that’s where video comes in. It can help you tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience, and it can be used to drive tangible results like leads and sales.

Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t take advantage of video’s full potential. They either don’t produce any videos at all, or they produce videos that are poorly made and fail to capture the attention of their target audience. We help our customers, ranging from industrial manufacturing companies to financial institutions, utilize video in a manner that will deliver the results they’re searching for. 

The Value of Video in Technical Fields 

For some businesses, utilizing video in their marketing mix isn’t necessary to succeed. After all, some companies provide products and services that are straightforward enough to be marketed via short articles and basic graphics. Straightforward offerings call for straightforward marketing. 

However, companies that deal in highly technical products must market their offerings in a method that takes a complex idea and transforms it into a simple solution that buyers can grasp and understand how it will fit into the ecosystem of their operations. One of the best ways to do this is to create a visually appealing, engaging video that breaks down the features, benefits, and practical uses of your offerings. 

According to a 2022 report from Industrial Sage, “93 percent of manufacturers use videos on their website in 2022, up from 80 percent in 2019.” By implementing video into your marketing materials, reaching your buyer and communicating your value is much more effective. No wonder a vast majority of manufacturers utilize video to tell their stories!

All Your Questions About Video Answered 

In our on-demand webinar, Tim Baier and Davis Conway of Spiracle Media and William McKee of Knowmad ask the tough questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. The bottom line is that video isn’t practical for every single size, type, and function of business, so it’s essential to determine whether or it will work for your organization. We first address this important question and then dive into the specifics regarding how video can create value. 

  • How do I know if my company is a good fit for video?
  • How does video support marketing?
  • Are videos an effective tool for lead generation?
  • How can video increase my sales?
  • What types of videos are most useful in capturing my customers’ attention?
  • Where can video be used within my company?
  • How can I make my videos stand out from the crowd?
  • How can I get my videos to rank on Google, YouTube, and other online media platforms?
  • Can video help with employee recruitment?
  • How does video set my company apart in a competitive marketplace?
  • Will including a video on my website help my Google ranking?
  • How can video help to simplify a complex product?

In the open Q&A session, we addressed any of the lingering questions that participants had, including:

  • As a market, how do I get buy-in from my team on the positive impact of video?
  • What are the prerequisites for creating a great video?
  • How do I attribute the sales I see to the video created?
  • What are some ways to measure and benchmark the impact of a video?

Before deciding to invest in video marketing, we recommend watching this on-demand webinar to determine if it will work for your specific objectives. Every business is different and lends itself to different types of marketing communication techniques. We would never encourage your organization to invest in a marketing program that won’t yield you optimal, measurable results. 

We cannot overstate the power of a beautifully crafted video. While it’s undoubtedly one of the more expensive, time-consuming marketing methods, the end results are well worth the effort. It can help to generate meaningful, deep connections between you and your audience and spark conversations that benefit both you and the businesses you serve.

Get Help From the Experts

At Knowmad, we’re experts at helping companies, ranging from industrial manufacturers to professional services institutions, optimize their marketing and achieve significant results. It’s not enough to simply do— we help companies act with purpose and maximize their ROI. If you’re searching for a marketing partner that specializes in helping organizations like yours accomplish bigger, better things than ever thought possible, it’s time to get in contact with Knowmad. 

We possess a long track record of success in helping our clients maximize their bottom lines and increase their return on any marketing expenditures. We’re proud to help our clients achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious. Our expert web designers, content strategists, and digital marketing specialists will utilize winning marketing strategies to communicate the value you bring to your industry. We can help with the following:

When you partner with us, the sky is truly the limit for your organization. It’s never been easier to grow your business, attract and retain customers, and increase your profits than with the Knowmad team of experts. If you’re ready to get started, request a proposal today, and let’s discuss your company’s needs, preferences, and goals. Your order is our command. 

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