You’re busy and don’t have time to to read a complete 20 page case study on how to optimize your Facebook business page to get more Likes and increase engagement. I understand, so here are 5 quick tips.

Boost - Blue Button1. Where are you?

No one can interact with you if they can’t find you, so make it as easy as possible for customers and fans of your business. Doing small things like customizing your vanity URL and optimizing your About section to include the target keywords of your business will make it easier for everyone to find you. Also, don’t forget to include your address to ensure you appear in the results when users are searching for a specific location.

You want more Likes and followers, so include social plugins at the top of your website’s page AND the bottom to maximize that opportunity. I like the Follow plugins at the top of a webpage and the Share plugins at the bottom, but you place where it’s appropriate for your content.

2. Organize your Tabs

fb blogTabs should be organized in the order of their importance based on your strategy. If you want to drive users to subscribe to your blog or go to your company website, then place those Tabs first. The rest can be in the More dropdown.

You can easily arrange the order of your Tabs by selecting “Manage Tabs” in your More dropdown. You can also create your own custom Tabs, but if you are on the less technical side, you may want to find a third-party source to create one for you.

3. Offers and Rewards

Loyal customers often visit the Facebook page of a business to look for promotions, coupons, and special deals. Reward your loyal followers by offering special discounts or promotions only to them. They’ll let their friends know about it - as friends do - and the news will spread. Of course the friends will want to get these special discounts as well and will, as a result, become a new follower.

Create a Tab for special offers so followers always know where to look. This provides an incentive for your followers to come back over and over again to see what’s new.

4. Lots of Links

Give people something to do. Don’t forget to include links to all of your content. Link to blogs, your website, product pages, other social sites and every other piece of content that you offer. The more content you provide, the more likely your followers will have content that speaks directly to them and will want to Like or Share it.

5. Entertain your followers

Why do people go to a Facebook page? To be entertained. Entertain your followers with engaging content that they will want to share with their friends. Facebook is for friends and friends don’t just sell to their friends. They provide fun and helpful information.

Use these tips to make it easier for people to find you and like what you have to offer.

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Diona Kidd

Diona Kidd

As Head of Operations, Diona focuses on building Knowmad into a more valuable business by creating clarity around what we sell, how we sell it, and how we fulfill our promises to clients.


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