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SEO Website Design

Improved Website & SEO Delivers More Leads to Chemical Supplier

Improved website and user-experience (UX) delivers on promise by converting anonymous traffic into sales leads.

In less than 90 days, we have already received a lead that will ultimately generate enough profits (if we close on the business) to pay for our investment.

- Edward Boss, Founder of Riteks, Inc. -

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The Company

Riteks is a leading industrial chemical supplier for specialty applications for oilfields, construction, coatings, adhesives and sealants, and custom chemical manufacturing. Founder Ed Boss started the company 30 years ago, in Houston, Texas.

The Problem

Riteks set up its first website more than a decade ago, when Boss learned some basic web design skills and built a site for the company all on his own.

“It was really set up more as laying out a brochure: ‘Here’s some products that we have,’” Boss explains.

A few years later, the company hired someone with more experience in web design, and that employee set to work redesigning the existing site, adding search functionality and more product information. Then, when that person left the company in 2018, Boss was left with no one to manage the company’s digital presence. He saw in that an opportunity: Bringing in experts to work on the website would yield better design, with a stronger emphasis on SEO. That, in turn, could help generate more leads for the business. More leads could mean more customers. And that could set Riteks up for stronger growth moving forward. 

So he started asking for recommendations — which web design agencies were good and which to avoid.

“By far, the majority of the responses were, ‘Well, we use so and so, but we’re thinking about changing because we’re not happy.’ The two companies not saying that were the two using Knowmad,” Boss recalls. “What they talked about was lead generation — the ability to get non-buying customers to click on the site and reach out to us and generate a lead.”


The Process

Style Tile Web DesignFrom the beginning, Boss made it clear that the goal was not just web design for the sake of creating something pretty. The new site had to be optimized for lead generation. That put our focus on three key areas:

  • User experience, beginning with a thorough understanding of every type of Riteks customer.
  • Content and built-in SEO strategy, to start driving leads to the site organically (with more calls to action to help them convert).
  • Mobile-friendliness, to create a site that performs exceptionally on any device.

Then, we got to work, beginning with a total immersion into the company. Our team traveled to Riteks headquarters in Houston for in-depth conversations with Boss and his team so we could understand the company’s goals and design a site to help meet them.

“Knowmad got to know about our business. They asked a lot of questions about things I wasn’t thinking about, and they learned our business from our perspective and our needs,” Boss explains.

The Impact

The new website went live in May 2019. Since then, Boss has noticed a profound impact.riteks-views

For one, it looks more professional, and employees and clients have said it’s easier to navigate. Visits from mobile have more than doubled, and visits from tablets have almost tripled. Most importantly, the site is already accomplishing the overarching goal of generating more leads: Several site pages are showing up as top organic landing pages from search.

And since launch, the conversion rate for Riteks’ site from organic search has grown from 0% to over 3%, with only the most foundational SEO work.


“People are searching certain keywords, landing on our pages and reaching out to us. That allows us to make contact with a customer who we weren’t even in conversation with,” Boss says. “It’s already a success, and the investment has been worth it.”


The Future

The results of the website redesign have been so profound that Boss has decided to invest in ongoing SEO work with Knowmad, to continue drawing new leads to the site.

“When I started the business 30 years ago, the only way you sold was on that personal contact between a salesperson and a customer,” Boss says. “These days, technology has changed everything. You’re going to really lose your step in the marketplace if you don’t figure out how to mass communicate your message. Your message doesn’t necessarily have to change; you just have to mass-communicate it because that’s how business is done today.”

As the SEO work has gotten underway, the Knowmad team again flew out to Houston to meet with Riteks and understand the goals moving forward.

“Those new leads need to continue getting to know our business, so we have to make more changes to our website, with new information, blogs, newsletters. If the website becomes static, that’s the killer,” he says.

He also understands that a website — even one designed for lead generation — is only as good as the sales efforts that surround it.

“In order for all of that to be a success, we’re going to have to turn that lead generation into sales,” Boss says. “That then generates the dollars that make all of this worthwhile.”


It’s already a success, and the investment has been worth it.” - Ed Boss, Founder

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