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Local SEO

Local Search Marketing Increases Patient Load for Medical Practice

After a disappointing experience with another agency, a local, independent physician was referred to us by their website support company. The office manager and the two doctors of the practice wanted to create a better patient experience using the website but were frustrated by the experience with another firm. 

First, we helped them complete their website project. Along the way, we discovered that the doctors spent much of their "off time" out at community events in order to attract new patients. They loved being a part of the community but wanted to create a better balance of work vs. personal time for their own health. In order to do that, they needed another way to attract new patients to the practice.

As a result, we explored the potential benefit of local search engine optimization to help create more visibility for the practice and acquire new patients.

We created a completely managed local search marketing program for the practice, which included reputation management, review generation, content creation, social media, and website optimization. The doctors oversaw the initial implementation of the program, but once implemented and proven, the office manager became able to manage the campaign, letting the doctors focus on patient care.

In the first six months of the engagement, online reviews on Google grew by 20% and search traffic grew by 3x, resulting in new patients and a very happy client!

Local SEO - first 6 months traffic

A few months after we began working together, the practice acquired a new location and planned to move. We coordinated with the timing of the move to update the 70+ business listings and Google MyBusiness profile that we manage on their behalf. We were able to update their name, phone and address the day they moved, making the online information one thing they didn't have to worry about the day of their big move. This meant new patients would not get outdated information online, sending them to the old address and potentially missing an appointment.

We have continued to support this private practice and, after 3 years, traffic, reviews, and the strength of the online marketing for the practice have continued to serve the doctors well. The practice often receives over 60 first time phone calls & appointment requests each month, which continues to feed new patients to the practice.

Local SEO medical practice - conversion data


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