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Inbound Marketing SEO

NC Manufacturer Grew Sales Revenue 122% by Expanding Digital Marketing & Communications

Annual campaign combining Inbound Marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization and digital communications supports manufacturer's business goals and a revenue lift of 122%.

Mallard Creek Polymers is a specialty chemical manufacturer located in Charlotte, NC. The company formulates emulsion polymers for a variety of purposes, enabling customers to quickly acquire desired properties in their products. Mallard Creek Polymers works in a variety of industries including Paintings & Coatings, Adhesives, Paper, Printing and Packaging, Construction and more.

Goals & Objectives

At the outset of the campaign, the following business goals were identified:

  • Support sales plan of adding a set number of new customers per quarter
  • Expand digital use with existing customers
  • Expand cross-selling to existing customers

These business objectives led to the following digital marketing objectives.

  • Increase Organic Search Traffic by 25% in order to increase visibility when buyers search for product and/or solutions.
  • Increase total web traffic by 20%
  • Convert website traffic to new contacts at a rate of at least 1.65%, based on historical trends and desired growth
  • Increase total lead volume by 25%, not including new leads added by sales

The Plan

To achieve these goals, Knowmad and Mallard Creek Polymers began the year by implementing a blogging strategy and optimized portions of the website for user experience and conversion improvements.

SEO-focused content was developed to target searches conducted by target audiences about specific chemistries and how these chemistries fit into the solution set for buyers. In addition, a guest blogging initiative was included to generate links from other industry websites.

Mid-way through the year, the company decided it had acquired enough leads and wanted to emphasize enhancing the customer experience via digital initiatives. As a result, the campaign made a pivot to implement a quarterly newsletter and place greater focus was placed on content creation and promotion. 

Overall Digital Marketing Results

  • Organic Traffic – Increased by 50%
  • Total Traffic – Increased by 40%
  • Organic Leads – Increased +6%
  • Total Leads – 658 leads

In addition to the results above, website conversions grew by 26%. 

Business Results from the Digital Marketing Campaign

  • 110% above goal in new customers
  • 13% increase in sales by volume of product (measured in pounds)

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