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Turn Your Distribution Website Into a Money-Making Machine

At Knowmad, our goal is to craft a comprehensive website for your distribution company that takes dozens of factors into consideration, resulting in a force multiplier that promotes client relationships and sales. We’ll ensure that your distribution website is precisely tailored to your company since there’s no such thing as one website that works for every distribution business.

We’ll set up your distribution platform for success, regardless of the goods you offer, the quantities you sell, the number of companies you serve, or the industries you operate in. Let us assist you in designing a website that’s uniquely styled, logically organized, responsively configured, and loaded with the essential information your customers need.

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What we do

Your ability to supply a wide range of goods to an even more diverse array of companies is the foundation of your enterprise’s distribution business. As such, you need a distributor-focused website design that’s more advanced than competitor business sites, allowing you to deliver and expand on your specialization. Knowmad is ready to help you accomplish this.

We have years of experience as a distributor web design agency, and we’re fully knowledgeable about the special requirements that distributor websites have. We create distributor websites that are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing while driving your B2B activities using proven technology combined with best-practice design strategies.

Complete Distributor Website Design Services

We’ll adjust our web design approach to meet the standards and needs of your business, whether you’re a seller of consumer goods, a maker of components, a provider of specialty items, or something completely different. We’ll take the time to incorporate unique features and essential components that establish your company as a market champion. 

We’ll create a distributor website for you that incorporates these elements as necessary, as well as all the vital details your clients require to do business with you. Beyond these services, we’ll help you improve your brand image, accessibility, and reputation for customer care.


Distributor Website Conversion Optimization

Depending on your business objectives, your distributor website could contain anywhere from a handful of pages to several hundred. But to guarantee that users know how and when to take action, most of these pages need at least one call-to-action (CTA).

Additionally, every website should be tailored for sales (sometimes known as conversions), regardless of the CTA on any particular page. As a distribution business owner or stakeholder, you should test various web elements, such as copy, images, placement locations, and other components and attributes, and pick the ones that produce the best outcomes for your business.


How we’re different

Conducting powerful audience research.

Solidifying your brand’s messaging.

Turning browsers into buyers.

We conduct extensive buyer research to get to know your ideal buyers & what motivates them to buy. In other words, we are planning for conversions from the start. More conversions = more leads = more revenue.

What you get

Superior user experience

Your new distributor website will tell your brand’s story in a way that delights & engages your target audience.

More conversions

A lot more — Post-launch, our customers’ conversion rates typically increase by at least 30%.

Built to perform

We build websites that make algorithms happy so you can capture valuable search traffic.

Competitive analysis

It ’s just good business to study the competition. We’ll do the heavy lifting to determine how you can get ahead.

Content that resonates

We’ll create a content strategy for your distribution business that hones in on targeted keywords and language.

Design that wows

We love form as much as we love function. Our talented designers create distributor websites that stand out from the crowd.
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Creating a Website Strategy for Distribution Companies

Quality images and clear explanations are a requirement for every e-commerce website, but distributor websites need even more. In order to guarantee that your current and prospective partners can locate the information they’re seeking, distributor-focused website design should incorporate a number of other critical design components. Among the key elements of distributor web design are:

  • Manufacturer Information, Including Warranties
  • Product Technical Information
  • Logistics and Shipment Information
  • Handling Requests for Pricing and Information

By taking into account these distinct elements, we can start on your distributor website design with a complete grasp of what your site needs to achieve. Then, we’ll start building in accordance with these requirements.


Our Process for Distributor Websites that Convert



The first step of the process is learning the ins and outs of your business so we know what you do and how you do it.


Data + Research

After taking the time to understand your distribution business, we collect data, research relevant keywords, and analyze many of your competitors’ web pages.


Brand Messaging + Personas

In order to tell your brand’s story, we need to know who your audience is and what motivates them. After we’ve gathered this information, we can develop personas of typical users of your website and use these to inform subsequent steps in the distributor web development process.


Wireframe + Site Navigation

Next, we’ll draw up an outline or “blueprint” of your new website prior to the design process. This can include a site map of all the pages on your website.



Using your brand’s established identity colors, logos, typefaces, etc., we’ll create the design template for your distribution website. If your company lacks any of these identity elements, we can help you create them prior to this step.


Copy, Imagery, and Colors

Once the design template has been finalized, we’ll build out the pages on your site and put all the elements — tables, copy, pictures, etc. — in the style established by the design template.



After the pages have been built, we’ll present the initial version of the site to you and execute any revisions based on your feedback.



The final step is launching your distributor website (making it live on the web), analyzing its performance, and making any adjustments to it if needed.

Trusted Experts In Distributor Website Design

Your distribution company website can leverage the myriad of valuable marketing possibilities afforded by the internet. If you’re looking to improve your digital presence and reach more customers online, Knowmad can help.

We have years of experience helping distribution businesses, so we’re fully aware of what it takes to create a successful website in this competitive industry. Get in touch with us for more details about having a site built for your enterprise, along with a free estimate.

Attracting more ideal customers.

Converting more buyers.

Making you more money.

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“Knowmad worked diligently with us to achieve just the right tone and voice, not only in copy, but in imagery. We feel that the site is highly representative of our company culture and the clients we serve. That was imperative in our highly-fragmented and competitive industry.”

- Julie Murphy, Marketing Director -
Commercial Funding Inc.

“Knowmad got to know about our business. They asked a lot of questions about things I wasn’t thinking about, and they learned our business from our perspective and our needs.”

- Edward Boss, Founder -
Riteks INC.

"I am blown away. Our website is so beautiful and far better than I could've ever dreamed up myself! We LOVE it and are so so so pleased!!"

- Pressly Williams -
Renfrow Hardware