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Want to learn more about how we approach internet marketing? From our success stories to industry trends, our Knowmad blog is a valuable resource, one we hope you’ll learn from on a consistent basis.

5 Ways That Page Load Speed Is Affecting Your Success

Here’s a simple question for you – how long do you personally wait for a website to load? If you’re like 47% of consumers, you’re expecting the magic to happen in 2 seconds or less. This tells us that we’re an impatient bunch, but what’s really concerning for businesses is that once your page load speed ... Read More

Who's Still Using IE8: A Case Study in Knowing Your Audience

As a web developer, I have to strike a balance between making websites that use modern and efficient code, and making websites that work and look decent on older browsers. The latest example of this is whether to support Internet Explorer (IE) 8. The answer to this question is (you could have guessed), “It depends.”

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Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics to Measure Performance

Custom dashboards in Google Analytics are a great way to see important website performance metrics at a glance. In this post, I'll show you how to implement a custom dashboard to track the results of a particular set of website changes. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of the power of custom dashboards in Google Analytics and how to set one up for ... Read More

Letter from the Chairman - IBM's 2009 Annual Report

As a long-time investor in IBM stock (my dad purchased this stock back in the 80's and it helped put me through college), I receive their annual reports. For years, this 100+ page book wound up in the recycle bin. Last year, however, I began reading it to learn more about how IBM runs its mammoth operations. What I learned was eye-opening and worth sharing.

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Google Analytics Announces New Features

We recently attended a webinar, in which, Google's Analytics team announced it's rolling out new features for it's Analytics product over the holidays. You may not see these features at the moment but expect to see them soon.

One of the features we're most excited about is called 'Annotations'.  The reason we're excited about this feature is ... Read More

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