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Matt Edens

A former marketing executive (and a data nerd at heart), Matt is a search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) expert energized by the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

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What is Schema Markup? Here’s how it can boost your website performance.

Schema markup, sometimes referred to as schema or structured data, is among the essential SEO tactics you need to improve technical SEO performance and increase your site's search engine positioning. 

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Topics: SEO, Technical SEO

Core Web Vitals: Google's Page Experience Factors Explained

If you haven’t opened Search Console’s Core Web Vitals report recently, you should do it today. Google has confirmed that page experience signals are a ranking factor, and these signals are showing up in the Core Web Vitals report. Google made the official announcement in November 2020 and told us the page experience update will begin to roll out in May and June of 2021. 

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Topics: Web Analytics

5 Pillars of a Digital Industrial Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing in the industrial space has moved beyond inbound marketing and omnichannel marketing. As 2020 wreaked havoc on the economy, many companies focused on investing in digital marketing to ensure their success in 2021 and beyond. Thanks to the digitization of the B2B sales process, many B2B industrial companies are investing in specific marketing trends in order to capitalize on...

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Which SEO Ranking Factors Will Matter in 2021?

Google and Bing SEO ranking systems run on a combination of algorithms that bring many factors into play. But which factors matter the most for SEO ranking in 2021? 

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Topics: SEO

SEO and Crawl Budget Guide

Ignoring the crawl budget can cost you rankings, traffic, and conversions. If your website is not optimized for a maximum crawl budget, no matter the size of the site, crawl activity may be wasted on low value or low performing pages, preventing the pages designed to improve SEO from being crawled.

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Topics: SEO

Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: Targeting The Right Audience

Many manufacturing companies like to stay in their comfort zone when it comes to digital marketing. Investing in pay-to-play ads and articles on industry websites, using a website that’s nothing more than an online sales brochure, and very few KPIs in place to measure digital performance. If it’s not broken, why fix it, right? 

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Inbound Marketing Plan for a Manufacturing Company

For manufacturers, modern marketing is often trickier than it seems on the surface. Many brands are expanding market share and targeting broader audiences with help from an industrial marketing agency, populating the internet with even more choices for potential customers. Now more than ever, the marketing plan for your manufacturing company should focus on inbound strategies that increase RFQ’s,...

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