Planning Internet Marketing

It's very easy to over-complicate internet marketing.

If you can’t easily explain the plan you have to market online and how to tie it back to financial goals, then there is a significant risk of disappointment and wasted effort.

The GCPT Internet Marketing Plan helps you narrow the planning down to these 4 steps: 

• Goal

• Challenge

• Plan

• Timeline


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Step 1: Goal

Goals are easier to reach when everyone understands where they’re going and what it will look like when they’ve arrived. When everyone starts pulling in the same direction - to reach the goal - it is magical.

Work is fun and rewarding.

This is why clear and accurate goal setting is critical to success. By clearly defining what you want to accomplish, you'll also find it easier to measure and envision the impact it will have. You’ll ensure it’s a goal worth achieving.

It also helps to understand what would happen if you don’t reach your goal.

Here's an example:

Let’s say your goal is to create $90,000 in new revenue. If you do this, you’ll be able to hire that new sales person that your team really needs and the business needs in order to grow. If you don’t create the revenue, you’ll have to dial back some specific sales and marketing efforts due to lack of resources. The company will miss its revenue targets and bonuses will be impacted. You know, as an experienced marketer, you need 50 highly qualified leads to acquire the 5 sales needed. 


Step 2: Plan

You've identified the goal and clearly defined how you'll measure it. In our example, the measurements are 50 qualified leads & 5 sales at $18,000 each. Now, what are you specifically going to do to meet those goals?


Step 3: Challenge

Every plan has its challenges and risks. What are yours? Write down anything that might prevent you from reaching your goal. Is the budget sufficient? Are there any resource or knowledge gaps or constraints?

When you've identified the risks associated with the plan, go back and review the plan. Make any adjustments needed to address the challenges you've identified.


Step 4: Timeline

How long do you have to reach your goal and what is a realistic timeline? Do the two match?


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Get Started

Now you have a clear plan on what you want to achieve, how you’ll move forward, and how to measure your progress as you go.

Complete the following template below to make it official!


Need Help?

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GCPT Internet Marketing Plan Template


What is it that I want to accomplish and what impact will this have? How will I measure it? What if I don’t achieve this goal?


How am I going to achieve my goal? What tactics are required? What resources will I need? Will I need additional budget?


How can I mitigate those risks associated with the plan? How will I address challenges?


How long do I have to achieve the goal? Does the timeline introduce additional risks or require some additional planning to meet the timeline?

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