Technical SEO Checklist

A Marketer's Guide to Optimizing Their Website
With Technical Tactics


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Google has moved toward a mobile-first indexing model as more users are gravitating to their smartphones.
  • My website is responsive.
  • My mobile website functions flawlessly.
  • My mobile website is easy to read and navigate.

Site Speed

Fast loading times are optimal for better user experience and are an important ranking factor.
  • My videos and images are compressed.
  • My website uses a single stylesheet.
  • My website has a fast and reliable host.

URL Structure

Organizing your content helps search engines index your pages.
  • My site has a clean and concise URL structure.
  • My site has a shallow hierarchy.
  • My site is organized and pages are easy to find.


Website security decreases your chances of getting hacked and is a top priority for search engines.
  • My site uses the https protocol with an SSL certificate.
  • My website host is fast, safe and reliable.
  • My CMS software, themes, and plugins are updated.
  • I update passwords and backup my website regularly.
  • Download the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing from HubSpot.

Website Redirects

Website redirects directly affect page load times and, if done incorrectly, could negatively affect website traffic.
  • I've identified and fixed any redirect chains.
  • My site is using 301 and 302 redirects correctly.

Structured Data

Structured data, particularly schema markup, helps search engines better understand what your site is about.
  • My site uses schema markup to encourage Google to display
    information in the form of rich snippets in the SERPs.

Download a Digital Version of our Technical SEO Checklist



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